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Goycha district(PHOTO)

The population of Goycha district, which has large pastures, was mainly engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding, beekeeping, gardening, carpet weaving and fishing.  Goycha is considered to be one of the cradles of Azerbaijani ashug art.  The region has given to the history of literature and culture of Azerbaijan famous masters of music and words, such as Ashig Ali, Ashig Alasgar, Poet Mammadhuseyn, Ashig Asad, Ashig Gurban.  When the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was established, the Goycha district was part of the historical land of Azerbaijan.  In 1918-1920, the territory of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was 114,000 square kilometers.  The new Russian Bolshevik Empire, which occupied the ADR since 1920, illegally ceded the territory of Azerbaijan, Zangazur district, Goycha district, Sharur district, Daralayaz district, Dilijan to Armenia. Traces of place-names found in “Kitabi-Dada Gorgud” of Goycha district can be found everywhere along Goycha lake.  In this epic, toponyms such as Goycha district, Goycha lake, Aghlagan mountain, Aygir spring are traces of ancient memory and culture of Azerbaijanis.  Goycha district is surrounded by Aglagan hill, Delik, Chanlibel mountains, Selimgadiyi in the south, Murguz and Shahdag range in the north. 

Looking from Shah Mountain, this district resembled a saucer with flowers in the center of the mirror.  Goycha district has been the homeland of folk poets since ancient times.  The saz masters who lived and created in Goycha district brought invincibility to the art of ashug.  The people of this place tuned to the saz, the heir of the ancient gopuz, in happy days and in sad moments, and expressed its heartbeat and inner sigh with its sounds.  There is no corner of Goycha where there are no traces of Turko-Oghuz. Mount Gangali in the village of Tokhluca, Mount Gara Guzeyadli in the pasture of the village of Goyarchin, a cold spring on the Zod Pass were the stone memories of the Oghuz Turks from the distant past to the present day.  The roots of Goycha’s beliefs about mythological beings in the examples of oral folk literature go back to ancient times and are based on the worldview of divinity and shamanism.  Belief in the verse was considered the guardian of the hearth, which brought health, happiness and prosperity to people.  Garachukha is the god of fate and fortune.  The symbols of these gods also passed to the art of carpet weaving and took part in its pattern-composition solution.  Goycha district covered such regions as Basarkechar, Chambarak, Ashagigaranlig, Kavar.  In the part of this district called Chambarak, there were famous and large villages such as Agbulag, Ardanish, Garagaya, Yanigpe, Golkand, Tokhluca, Chaykend, Ciyil, Shorja.

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