Thursday , 13 May 2021

Harvest of Nakhchivan as winter food…

   Volume of orchards and vegetable plots expands as a result of convenient natural condition and fertile lands , developing advanced   amelioration and irrigation systems  ,preferential l loans provided  by state .

   Harvest produced in Nakhchivan gardens is also the best winter food. Starting from early spring, the edible greens and medicinal plants generously donated by the mountains and valleys to people are dried and prepared for winter. So when summer started harvest of gardens are combined and made fruit jam, conserved drinks .During June and July housewives make pickles of tomatoes , cucumber , aubergine , peppers and  cabbages that  are abundant in markets .Food stocking for winter is the tradition lasted  over centuries. Jams, compotes, confectionery made from seasonal fruits decorate our tables during the long winter days. Products made from different types of fruits belonging to the land of Nakhchivan, died fruits, molasses are also very useful for health. The preparation of these tasty and healthy foods requires a lot of effort and labour. From ancient times, our women have done this work with the help of women from neighbours. This tradition continues today. Shafiqa Aliyeva, a resident of Shikhmahmud village and a hard-working family owner, says that starting from May, there is no shortage of fruit on our tables. We have a small garden in our yard. Here we grow cherry, pear, apple, quince and cherry trees. If there is plenty of produce in the yard, it means then there is plenty in the market as well. As they say, we do not have “shortage” from fruit yellow. We are already gathering the blessings of the gardens and preparing for winter. Fresh fruits – blueberries, cherries, strawberries, cherries, apples are rich of vitamins, and jams and compotes made from them are very tasty. When making jams and compotes, fruits must be properly selected and collected on time. Our grandmothers used to say that it is advisable to pick fruits on hot.  sunny days.My interlocutor says that cherry varieties grown in Nakhchivan are also known by their names. This variety of fruit can be used to make pickles when it is hot, and compote, fruit lavash, and sometimes jam when it is ripe. Plum jam is also very useful and tasty. Clean ripe cherries are washed well and dried daily. Dried plums give a special taste to pilaf, noodles and other hot dishes cooked in winter. I would also like to say that Nakhchivan is home to the highly valued white and red apricots, AbuTalib, Hagverdi, almonds, apricots and other apricot varieties. Jams and compotes made from them become the decoration of our tables in the cold winter months. Taberza is made from dried apricots. In general, apricot compote, jam and jam are very useful and tasty. According to the family farmer, now is the time for figs to ripen. Figs grown on private farms are already on sale. Both dried figs and jam are supplied for the winter. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Then it is cooked by adding sugar, after cooling it is collected in jars. Now vegetables are also in abundance. Tomato pickle is the best time to prepare tomatoes. Tomato eggplant kebab is also prepared and collected in jars and turned into winter food. After a few days, the cabbage will be put in bulk. There are many people who make pickles and jams from the famous Nehram watermelon. In short, until the last months of autumn, winter supplies will continue. Today exemplary women farmers have been formed in the autonomous republic. They present their jams, compotes and pickles to a shop selling household products in Nakhchivan. The blessings of Nakhchivan have no equal. Because these foods, prepared at home and in a natural way, are the fruit of fertile lands, pure water and, most importantly, the work of hardworking people. Therefore, the harvests of Nakhchivan in the capital Baku and other parts of the country are well noticed by buyers.


Translator: Emin Gulmammadov

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