Thursday , 13 May 2021

Historical monuments and temples

There are many legends and myths about historical monuments and temples that reflect the historical past of our people. 140 of 1162 historical and cultural monuments in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic are temples. Each of these temples has its own historical past. There are several legends and myths among the people about the “Agoghlan” temple located in the north of Sadarak region, at the foot of Ucubiz Mountain. One of these legends is as follows: – We know from history that the Safavid ruler Shah Ismail Khatai was defeated on August 23, 1514 in an unequal battle with the Ottoman ruler Sultan Selim I in the Chaldiran Plain. Like Shah Ismail, Khizir Muhammad was severely wounded in this battle.He was brought to Sadarak village. Khizir Mohammad, who was seriously wounded, died here and was buried at the site of the Agoghlan tomb. Since that day, this strange tomb has become a place of pilgrimage for the people.Calling the temple “Agoghlan” is not given and is not accidental. We know from history that Shah Ismail had several similarities. Before entering the battle, Khatai appeared in front of the army in a white robe, like a mask, and on a white horse. He checked that there was no danger, and then the ruler himself commanded the army and took an active part in the battle. It was Khizir Mohammad’s white dress that made this temple called Agoghlan. Agoghlan temple is always visited by the people of Sadarak. Visitors come here in all seasons.

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