Thursday , 19 November 2020
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Igor Xenkin

I am very happy to have participated in the International Chess Festival, Nakhchivan again. Nakhchivan has become native home for us. Stated: Igor Xenkin, The German International grandmaster, the participant of \” Nakhchivan – 2017\” International Chess Festival dedicated to Azerbaijan\’s national leader Heyder Aliyev\’s 94th anniversary.
Igor Xenkin said: All sorts of conditions have been made because of the chess player\’s comfortableness, exactly being adapted to the games in Nakhchivan tournament. After the meetings, I tried to visit Nakhchivan. It was an interesting point that , the edges of the city are clean and beautiful like its center.
International Grandmaster stated the high level of organizing the festival and noted that, he will also try to participate tournaments in Nakhchivan in future.
Translator:Leman Huseinzade

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