Thursday , 13 May 2021

Implementation of grandiose creative events became a reality today

Our autonomous region, which has an ancient and rich history, has been stepping on a path of rapid development and progress over the past three decades. A number of factors stands behind of this development. Respect for the past of the country, the desire to see today better, a sense of responsibility for tomorrow. The main factor is characterized by the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Mr. Vasif Talibov: “We have one platform, one way of development in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic: this is the way of Heydar Aliyev.”

For 25 years, this road has brought Nakhchivan to the front of other addresses with the status of autonomy in the world. The road we have passed in such a short period of time as a quarter of a century is a source of great astonishment to those who come to Nakhchivan.

Specifically, if we look only at the construction, repair and restoration work in our ancient land, we can not hide our surprise at the volume and geography of the work done. Let’s take the first seven months of 2020. During this period, 594 million 960 thousand 600 manat was directed to fixed assets from all financial sources in the autonomous republic. This is 1.3 percent more than in the same period last year. 568 million 785 thousand 800 manat of investments were used in construction and installation works.

During this period, the construction of more than 145 different facilities, and the continuation, reconstruction or overhaul of about 200 different facilities are not small numbers. There is also an issue that needs to be highlighted: an “Electronic Control Portal” has been established in our country to ensure transparency and control over price discipline in its activities, and its activities have been kept in the attention.

As mentioned above, the creative activities covered various areas. Village centers were first licensed in the autonomous republic as new facilities. Modern working conditions have been created at such addresses to ensure the joint activities of departments, enterprises and organizations.

The work done to improve the living conditions of the residents of the Autonomous Republic has become an integral part of construction activities and is highly valued by all of us. Reconstruction of several residential buildings has been completed in the mentioned period, construction of “Youth Housing Complex” in several residential buildings, Nakhchivan city, reconstruction of student dormitories is underway. During the past period of this year, serious attention was paid to the construction of individual houses, a total of 235,000 square meters of living space was commissioned.

Among the objects put into operation are the restoration of the Nakhchivan city ice house, the water mill in Darkand, Ordubad region, the tomb of Yusif Kuseyir Shahtakhti bath, and the newly built Sahil Park in Nakhchivan.

At present, the construction of a mosque in the capital, flag squares in Sharur, Ordubad and Sadarak districts, a market in Babek, a ski center in Agbulag village of Shahbuz district, Ordubad and Tivi hydroelectric power stations is going on well.It should be noted that the reconstruction of road infrastructure in the autonomous republic is also in focus. Reconstruction of the Julfa-Ordubad highway, Garkhun-Muganjig-Mehrab-Mammadsabir highway in Sharur district, Khanaga-Agri-Diza-Vanand-Darkand highway in Ordubad district has been completed.

The implementation of the project “Reconstruction of drinking water supply and sewerage systems in regional centers and surrounding villages” has been launched in our autonomous republic for several years. A lot of work has been done in all our regions in the past. At present, constructive measures are being taken to implement this project. This means that the construction of a drinking water line in the village of Dervishlar, Sharur region, has been completed. Sharur City Water Treatment Plant Complex and drinking water network in Jalilkend of the region have been put into operation.

It should be noted that the military also received a significant share of the construction funds. Construction and reconstruction of military-residential complexes, headquarters buildings, infrastructure facilities and other ancillary buildings is an expression of great care for servicemen serving in military units in Nakhchivan. During this period, constructive measures were continued in Nakhchivan, Babek, Julfa, Shahbuz and Sharur districts. In order to improve the living conditions of servicemen, new service apartments have been provided to the families of officers and ensigns in the Nakhchivan military camp and Sadarak district.

The conclusion is that the implementation of grand construction activities in our autonomous region, remind a large construction site. Much attention has been paid to the protection of those who have been created. Because every citizen of Nakhchivan sees that such events are not easy, they know that this work is for our country.

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