Friday , 26 February 2021

In Nakhchivan, the young soldiers were sent to military and combat units

The young soldiers, who completed special training courses in the Special Forces, were sent to combat units and units.

The press service of the Separate General Army told the NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM that after the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the speakers wished success to the young soldiers who have acquired invincible fighting qualities.
Congratulating the staff, Major General Teymur Eyyubov said that the professional performance of military personnel in the first phase of the joint Azerbaijani-Turkish large-scale tactical and tactical flight training in Nakhchivan is the result of the courses. We believe that our soldiers who successfully
After the speeches, the soldiers demonstrated their knowledge and skills in various specialties.

By the solemn passage of the units, the young soldiers were sent to the next places of service.

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