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Islam Safarlı

Islam Safarlı

Islam Safarli, remembered as one of the prominent figures of Azerbaijani literature, poet-dramatist loving deeply his motherland was born on 12 February in 1923, in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. He bestowed sincere and natural feelings on public lyrics by means of avoiding romantic enthusiasm and praise.
He laid a foundation of azerbaijanism in our literature, too.
Almost 200 songs have been composed based on Islam Safarli\’s poems by notable composers.
He is also well-known as a playwright in Azerbaijani literature.
Azerbaijani theatre has been enriched with new themes by great master\’s plays such as \”Göz həkimi (Oculist)\”, \”Ana ürəyi (Mother\’s heart)\”, \”Yol ayrıcında (At a crossroads)\”.
The poems and dramatic works, essays, novellas, librettos and scenarios of poet show that, he tried his pen at writing different genres and produced beautiful works.
Islam Safarli loving deeply ancient Nakhchivan dedicated dozens of poems to our marvellous land. \”Naxçıvan (Nakhchivan)\”, \”Xalxal meşəsi (Halhal forest)\”, Gizlar bulagi ( Maiden Spring)\” \”Çex qızının məhəbbəti (Czech girl\’s love)\”, \”Qoşa söyüd ( two willows)\” Ordubad\” and other several poems and plays are perfect examples of his creativity which dedicated to glorification of this land. Nakhchivan itself always evoking spring freshness in its nature is a living poetry with miraculous beauty gifted by God.
This poetry has a significant influence on poems of Islam Safarli.
Translators: Nubar Hussein, Nubar Shahgeldiyeva

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