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\”Jangi\” and \”Uzundere\”

"Jangi" and "Uzundere"
"Jangi" and "Uzundere"

The Azerbaijani people have created dances which astonish people with diversity and aspirations. Single, double, mass dances of countless, different natured men and women have taken place in our nation\’s choreography. This spiritual wealth passed through a long phase of development from simple to the complex. In this article, we will notify you about dances \”Jangi\” and \”Uzundere\” which existed at present passing that stage.
\”Jangi\” expresses knighthood walk, challenging, calling for a fight . Great Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov wrote: It is clear in legend that, in Koroglu times, \”Jangi\” shaked enemies with magnificent voice of zourna, loud echo of drum ,created knighthood mood in fighter and called for them to show courage and victory over the enemy .
At one time, the young dance \”Jangi\” in warrior dresses with wide- spasmodic movements, encircling and assembling in a linear style. Even, according to sayings, the zorkhana- power tests competitions were held, was played with maces, participants throw- kept two or three poods of weight stones, jumped each other\’s shoulders running and wrestled until hitting rival\’s back to the ground under Jangi\’s sounds in Ordubad of Autonomous Republic.
Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov used \”Jangi\” in \”Koroglu\” opera for the first time. A number of composers included it to their works after Uzeyir Hajibeyov.
\”Uzundere\” is charming, elegant and lyrical dance. I have heard a thought in the meetings sounded this dance a lot: \” As if, this dance was set to play the bride\”. According to the sources, there is a valley between Goytapa village and Agdam in Karabakh, that it is Uzundere. According to the elderly people of the village, the name of this dance was taken from the name of valley. According to legend, Uzundere has been camp of nomadic tribe called terekeme, they have rested here going to plateau, grazing land in mountains. The guests came here from the neighbouring village, visited nomads linked by ties of friendship. In another version, when the bride was taken, they passed the valley. They stoped here, women by bridegroom\’s relatives danced in front of bride and wished happiness, prosperity and good health. In our opinion, If we take into account the pace and structure of dance performance, the second legend is more appropriate to reality. As mentioned above, anyone who listens this dance as if thinks it to create for the brides. On the other hand, \”Uzundere\” dance is lyrical, delicate melodies so that, it is more logical to coordinate it with the bride on the wedding dance rather than intensive nature, strong and quick nomadic dance.
Author: Fatma Babayeva
Translator: Laman Huseinzade

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