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Julfa Caravanserai

The architectural monument Julfa Caravanserai is located in Gulustan village on the left bank of the Araz River. The ruins of the Julfa Caravanserai were found during the field research in 1974, the building plan was fully revealed in 1978. While building Baku-Julfa railway line (1939-1940) almost half of the caravanserai was destroyed. As a result of the researches, the Julfa Caravanserai has been identified as the most prominent and magnificent monument among the caravanserais of Azerbaijan. The same type of the Julfa caravanserai with a total length of 37m has remained entirely whole on the right bank of the Araz River. The opposite location of the caravanserais on the both banks of the river shows that before the bridge over the Araz River was built, the river ferry had been operated and relates the period of construction of caravanserais to early XIII century. Caravanserais were built of the river stones and plastered with alabaster. In the revealed part of the Julfa Caravanserai many living rooms were found. Some rooms have an interesting design of the cover parts. There is a great hall in the form of arch with deep wall holes in its right and left parts on the northern side of the building. It is difficult to say something exact about this hall. But, there are old mosques with such a construction.
Translator:Aysel Fatullayeva

Julfa Caravanserai

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