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Julfa District Education Department and out-of-school educational institutions will operate in the new building – PHOTO

Our national leader Heydar Aliyev said: “Every young person living in an independent state must first of all get a good education and be brought up in a patriotic spirit.” In the Autonomous Republic, as in all areas, education is covered with care. As a result, more than 200 educational institutions have been built or overhauled in recent years. The organization of e-learning in educational institutions, the establishment of relations between science, higher and secondary special education institutions and secondary schools, the conduct of exemplary lessons, the application of innovations play an important role in increasing students’ knowledge, education in the spirit of patriotism and national-moral values.
NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports, the new building of the Julfa District Education Department was put into operation on November 26.

Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov said: “Today, the administrative building of the education department is being commissioned.” Extracurricular educational institutions will also operate here. Improving conditions means improving the attitude to work, its quality and results. There are 25 full secondary schools and 5 out-of-school educational institutions under the Julfa District Education Department. More than 5,400 students and more than 930 teachers study in the district schools. The activity of the district Education Department in the 2019-2020 academic year gives grounds to say that the work is properly organized. Thus, out of 283 graduates, 126 were admitted to universities, 27 to secondary schools, 22 of them scored in the range of 500-700 points. The education department also contributed to these achievements. As a result of the correct organization of patriotic work in the educational institutions of the district, 28 students were admitted to the Military Lyceum named after Heydar Aliyev, as a result of increasing interest in the exact sciences, 9 students were admitted to the Sharur District Physics and Mathematics Lyceum. The created modern working conditions will allow to strengthen the control over schools, to analyze the state of education, to hold discussions, to eliminate shortcomings, to further increase the educational achievements of the region.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said: The main task of the Education Department is to improve the level of education in schools, to control the attendance of teachers, the teaching of all subjects with the use of new technologies. Today’s demand is that education be organized with the application of modern, new technologies. To do this, it is necessary to use computer classes, electronic boards, laboratories, chess classes and STEAM booths. The requirements of modern teaching are that the teacher and the student must have a creative approach to teaching. Creative teaching is effective. Modern conditions are created in schools so that teachers can achieve creative application of teaching. There were problems at the beginning of this work. Electronic board classes were not used properly. These problems have already been eliminated in schools. Courses are organized annually by the Ministry of Education for teachers who teach specific subjects. STEAM booths are also added to these innovations. This new method is a system formed mainly as a result of the combination of art and exact sciences. This requires completely creative work from both the teacher and the student. Therefore, it was decided to continue the construction of STEAM booths and robotics circles in schools and out-of-school educational institutions of the autonomous republic from this academic year. At the same time, the activities of the circles that embody our national values ​​will be continued.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said: Necessary conditions have been created for 3 out-of-school educational institutions in the administrative building of the Education Department. Both national and innovative circles will work together here. The level of education in schools depends on the direct work of out-of-school institutions. That is, the more effectively a student spends his free time, the more comfortable his ability to comprehend will be. According to the results, it can be said that this work has been achieved in Julfa district. It should be remembered that in modern times, the best engineers in developed countries are formed in these circles. Therefore, the use of these innovations should be controlled. Everyone is responsible for preparing the future of the country. For this, the work must be approached responsibly and the demands must be increased.
The Minister of Education of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Rahman Mammadov said: Education in the Autonomous Republic is experiencing a period of development. Necessary infrastructure for all levels of education is being formed, new school buildings are being built, and the material and educational base of educational institutions is being strengthened. The created modern conditions have opened wide opportunities for improving the quality of education, students to acquire a high level of knowledge, to form a worldview and patriotism, as well as to increase the determination of the teaching staff. Successive measures are taken not only with the construction of schools, but also with the construction and commissioning of buildings for city and district education departments and out-of-school educational institutions. 595 computers, 78 electronic boards were installed in general education schools of Julfa region, libraries were provided with more than 87,000 Latin graphic fiction books and about 97,000 textbooks, gyms and outdoor sports facilities, as well as heating system were installed in all educational institutions. Rahman Mammadov thanked for the attention and care shown to the comprehensive development of education in the autonomous republic, the application of innovative teaching methods.
The head of the association thanked Turkana Huseynova and said: “Under the care of the Speaker of the Supreme Assembly, modern working conditions have been created for the activities of the Julfa District Education Department and out-of-school educational institutions. will make an important contribution to the protection of our values, intellectual and physical development of children, students will be able to demonstrate their skills and demonstrate professional skills in innovative clubs. We will work hard to educate the younger generation using them effectively. “

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly was interested in the conditions created in the building and the activities of the circles
It was reported that 11 classrooms for 124 students have been allocated on the first floor of the building for the centers. On the second floor of the building, 10 study rooms, a 50-seat meeting room and a technical room have been allocated for the Julfa District Education Department, and 9 computers have been installed in the rooms. Dance, painting, architecture, design, sand art, carpet weaving at the Children and Youth Creativity Center, robotics and STEAM at the Technical Creativity Center, mental-arithmetic, budgeting, wood carving, wood burning, at the Tourist-Ethnography Center sculpture, pottery, and weaving circles were established.

9 computers, color printer, 3D printer, 10 robots, microbit, arduino sets and other educational STEAM devices were purchased for the robotics and STEAM circle, and an electronic board was installed. Mental – electronic board for arithmetic club installed, curriculum, calculators purchased, 10 electric burners for wood burning club, 20 sets of clothes for dance club, 15 easels for drawing club, 7 computers for architecture and design club, drawing board, 5 electric sand tables for sand art club, 5 hana for carpet weaving club, 12 benches for sculpture and pottery club, as well as other necessary equipment were purchased.
In robotics and STEAM circles, students will develop the skills of accuracy, analytical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, teamwork, as well as the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in educational institutions. Revealing the creative abilities of children was also taken into account when creating new clubs. Painting, sand art, pottery, sculpture, jewelry, wood burning, wood carving, embroidery, weaving and carpet weaving clubs are important in terms of teaching and keeping alive the secrets of our folk art and decorative applied arts to the younger generation.

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly watched the members of the Mental-Arithmetic Circle perform a calculation operation by reciting poems on patriotism.
Leaders of the clubs Aida Ibrahimova, Sveta Karimova, Mahluga Rzayeva and Fuad Babayev praised the role of the clubs in the formation of students’ intellectual worldviews.

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly instructed to raise the level of education using the created conditions, to hold exhibitions of handicrafts of students who have mastered new methods in innovative circles in the coming years, to translate and distribute literature on STEAM teaching methods.

A heating system has been installed in the building, the yard has been landscaped, a green area has been laid, and a modern irrigation and lighting system has been installed.

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