Friday , 16 April 2021



The history of this musical instrument with bow and string is very ancient in Azerbaijan. The kamancha with a long arm and stand was a musical instrument with a single string. In the late centuries the number of strings was four. Though less but the name of the kamancha is mentioned in the works of Nizami Ganjavi. Safiaddin Urmavi, the Azerbaijani scientist and great musician who lived in the XIII century, Abdulgadir Maraghi, the great musician and composer of the XIV century, Alishir Navai, the proud of the Uzbek people who lived in the XVI century, Mahammad Fuzuli, the great Azerbaijan poet, mentioned kamancha in their works side by side with other musical instruments. So, one can say that kamancha found its top level of usage in the XVI-XVII centuries and occupied an honorable place of its time among the rest musical instruments.

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