Wednesday , 12 May 2021

Kangarli Ehsan Khan Kalbali Khan

Kangarli Ehsan Khan Kalbali Khan oglu (?, Nakhchivan -?, there) –The last Khan of Nakhchivan. He is the son of Kalbali Khan Kangarli, the father of Ismail Khan Nakhchivanski, Kalbali Khan Nakhchivanski and Goncha bayim. He was one of the army chiefs of the Abbasabad garrison duting the Russia –Iran war in 1826-28 but the colonel of the Iran army Ehsan Khan Kangarli took the side of the Russians and helped them in taking the fortress. According to the historical sources Ehsan Khan Kangarli headed the troop of ten thousand considering of Nakhchivanis and Russians. Ehsan Khan Kangarli who was awarded with the highest military rank major-general thereafter joining Azerbaijan to Russia signed the Turkmenchay treaty (1828) as an authorized member the Iravan and Nakhchivan Khanate and Ordubad province and as soon as was abolished he became the first ruler of the Nakhchivan province. Ehsan Khan paid great attention to the construction works and world-wide education. He made dig springs in Cheshmabasar village, delivered water to Nehram from under the tunnel of the hill and opened the first Rus-Tatar (Azerbaijan) uyezd school in Nakhchivan. In 1840 he refused from ruling under the condition of heading a cavalry. Later he also bravely fought in the Crimea war (1853-56). He was awarded with the “Saint George” order. When A.Bakikhanov and A.S.Griboyedov visited Iran they were guested in the palace of Ehsan Khan Kangarli which is stated in the “Iravan marching” road notes. The name of Ehsan Khan Kangarli was written in golden letter in the George salon of the Kremlin.

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