Sunday , 27 September 2020

\”Katik ashi\”

\”Katik ashi\”
Cracked wheat or rice are sheding into the water, make it boiled by adding on washed out, chopped greens (greens pre-soaked if it is dry, fresh greens added after boiling rice for one time). Cooling it after cooked yogurt made limpid by mixing and sheding on cold mixture, salting for taste and mixing (cooked peas are added in some regions). Wild plants as greens (pencer) -unnuca, emekomechi, gicitkan, salmanca etc, cultural plants-mint, spinach, coriander, green leaves of ordinary beet etc, are used. Tarragon, evelik, chobankibrit are added in Abrakunus village of Julfa region.
Food:- for 4 people-3-4 tablespoons rice, 4/5 bunch of greens, yogurt which can make limpid the mixture is added.
Translator:Firuza Ahmedova

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