Friday , 7 May 2021

Kick-boxer Ruslan Musayev gained next lucky result in his career

Kick-boxer Ruslan Musayev gained next lucky result in his career

Azerbaijan kickboxing Championship held in Sport Place of Hand Games was summed up ,nakhchı reported.
Competition under the motto \”prevention of drug abuse and crimes against children\” starting on the third of February and going on 3 days was attended by teams representing various cities and regions of our country. Ruslan Musayev, the athlete of the Federation of Eastern martial arts of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic competed in the 67kg weight category. Our kickboxer joining to the competition in the eighth- finals defeating Samir Musayev and Elmaddin Bakshaliyev with knockout qualified to the semi-final. He qualified to the final round after winning over Turan Gafarov in next fight.
Fight of kickboxers trying to defeat each other with mutual attacks stuck in mind with interesting moments. Ruslan Musayev affecting more predominant was the winner of Championship. So, he was a second time Azerbaijan champion, having won the competition.
We should mention that,Ruslan Musayev who is 8-fold Azerbaijan champion among young people was third among adults in Europe last year. Before that, he was the continental champion among young people, has the world\’s third twice.
Author: Emil Samedov
Translators: Rahim Najafov, Nubar Hussein

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