Saturday , 15 May 2021

Lev Castle-Photo

Lev castle is one of the most majestic among the Kalbajar region’s highland ones. It was founded on a high forest mountain’s ridge 600 meters from the Lev River’s right bank, in Ganlikend village.
Surrounded by a steep rock and streams form three slides, the castle has an oblong and complicated plan matching the highland relief. The castle can only be entered through the single entrance at the castle’s north-eastern edge if one climbs up by an exclusive narrow path from the north-west. The castle’s internal length is nearly 90 meters, and the width is between 35 and 40 meters. Its internal castle is located at the high south-western corner. The castle walls were strengthened with several semi-circular towers. The single gate is between two round towers. The average thickness of the castle walls is 1.3 meters. There are ruins, in-rock water basins and food warehouses, etc. There were sentinel derricks and a system of small satellite castles in mountains around Lev castle. One of those mountains has kept the function-meeting name of the castle which is on its top, Garavul (Guard). From there, another castle, Jomard, is observed. Lev castle was constructed in the 13th-14th centuries.
At present the castle is under occupation of the Armenian Armed Forces.

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