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Loved and chosen tourist region-Agbulag

   Tourism is one of the most lucrative fields in the world. For this reason, great work has been done in our country in recent years to develop this area, decrees and orders have been signed and state programs have been prepared to ensure the rapid development of the tourism industry. Today, in order to develop tourism, new tourist routes are opened, infrastructure is created, the level of service in tourism facilities is further improved  It is known that the development of tourism, the attraction of tourists to our autonomous republic is also an important factor in terms of introducing our traditions, culture and the development achieved here to the world. Today, in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, with its rich historical and cultural heritage, mineral springs, unique nature and ancient architectural monuments, unique cuisine, settlements with modern infrastructure, has achieved sustainable development in tourism as a result of successful implementation of state programs and infrastructure projects.Thus, in 2016, the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic held a meeting on the development of tourism, adopted by the Order of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated January 31, 2018. The implementation of the “Program” has also created favorable conditions for strengthening activities in this area. Mr. Vasif Talibov, Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, stressed the importance of tourism development in the ancient land: “Special attention and care is paid to the development of tourism in many countries around the world. Measures are being taken in Azerbaijan to develop tourism. A state program has been adopted in this area and a relevant organization has been established. Today, Azerbaijan is also known in the world as a tourist country. The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan is also very favorable for tourism. Therefore, the existing opportunities in the autonomous republic are used effectively, tourist areas are created and villages are improved. In recent years, with the attention and care of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly, the promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of the ancient land, the reconstruction of medical centers, landscaping and construction work has given impetus to the development of tourism and the number of tourists visiting the autonomous republic. At this point … It is known that in the past, our citizens who wanted to rest in their homeland but  lake of  such recreation complexes here  they used to go  some different places for trips .When they returned, they spoke in amazement about the beauty, cleanliness, and orderliness of the land where they visited to. At that time, people probably did not use to believe that they could create the beauty, cleanliness, and order they saw in their homeland. For this reason, filthy neighborhoods, old residential buildings, narrow roads, illegal constructions of the inhabitants made everyone think that they could hardly see the beauty they dreamed of in their homeland. But time has proved that it is possible to create any conditions, landscaping and beauty with the love of the human heart, love for  the motherland and the people.

Years have passed, the time has changed.The fruits of our independence have embraced even the most remote settlements. People began to see and feel the beauty, tidiness, cleanliness and landscaping on every stone and rock of the place where they lived. How was this beauty created? Now you can get the right answer to this question from a very small child. Of course, with the care of the state, the strength of the community and the love of those who are attached to their homeland.The creation of prosperous roads, sidewalks, flower beds, increase of green belts and wood areas, as well as the construction of dozens of beautiful, modern buildings, the modernity of our villages and the innovations we can list for hours ,indicate the socio-economic development of our regions. Today, such comfortable, modern roads, water lines, new infrastructure facilities, uninterrupted natural gas, electricity, communication services and high-speed internet have been built in the most remote mountain villages of the autonomous republic. Of course, as a result of the created conditions, wide opportunities have been opened for the development of various types of tourism in the ancient land. Today, Shahbuz district, which has received its share of this development, is one of the developing tourism regions as a result of the purposeful policy pursued. In recent years, important measures have been taken in our region to preserve and keep alive the beauties that are a gift from God. These events have added new shades to the beauty of recreation areas and made them even more attractive. It is known that there are wide opportunities for the development of rural green tourism in Bichenak, Kuku, Agbulag, Nursu, Kechili villages of the region. At the same time, the fact that about half of the region’s population lives in rural areas is of special importance in ensuring rural green tourism,  development of small business, direct delivery of agricultural products to consumers, effective use of existing potential of the regions. Every condition has been created here to ensure a high level of recreation for local and foreign tourists throughout the year.From this point of view, the mountain village of Agbulag has become a beloved and distinguished as a tourist region of the autonomous republic in all seasons. A brief look at the work done – the opening of  Agbulag Recreation Center  in 2013, the continuation of measures for the development of tourism in 2018, the foundation ceremony of the Ski Center in Agbulag village on July 17 of the same year, the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic In accordance with the Order signed on November 29, 2018 “On the establishment of Agbulag Rural Tourism and Recreation Zone”, measures should be taken in this direction, and on December 5, 2018, the presentation of Agbulag Rural Tourism and Recreation Zone, large-scale construction work in the village, road Complete reconstruction of infrastructure, overhaul of all houses indicate the conditions created for the reception of tourists in Agbulag in all seasons of the year, the organization of their recreation.The conditions created in Agbulag Recreation Center, the favorable location of the village, rich flora and fauna resources, fresh mountain air, pure water, clean ecological products have led to the development of tourism and the influx of people from the regions in all seasons. Uninterrupted power supply of the village, availability of natural gas line, telephone and internet, construction of a new road, construction of a school building, village and service centers, doctor’s dispensary have significantly increased the tourism potential of the village. The complex work done for the development of alpine tourism in Agbulag will be completed in a short time.The construction work is being carried out on the basis of a project by MND, which has extensive experience in the creation of French ski resorts. It should be noted that the general absence of industrial waste in the village, and the centralized collection of household waste is one of the main reasons for the influx of tourists to these places. As a continuation of the measures taken to develop tourism in Agbulag, the supply of irrigation water to the green areas along the roads of the village has been improved.In the autumn of last year, 15 hectares of mountain slopes were restored with seeds. 1,500 walnut seedlings have been planted on both sides of the Agbulag village road, and irrigation lines have been laid. A ditch was built from the river in Gomur village to irrigate the fields in the village. The water of this ditch is used to irrigate green areas.Agbulag Recreation Center, which is ready to welcome its guests in every season. The reason for making my way to Agbulag is to be satisfied with the conditions created in the tourist area for the village to be modern, clean, tidy, and to have a meaningful recreation, ”said Elnur Nagiyev, a guest at the Village Recreation Center. From what he said: – In the summer months, I often go to the ancient land. The wonderful nature of Agbulag looks beautiful in summer, as in any season.Everywhere is covered with greenery, and I am enchanted by the orchards of the village. Fruit seedlings were planted along the road. So, the real beauty of a people, a village is in its green world. I owe it to myself to speak specifically about the conditions created in the recreation center built in the highest part of the village. I am very pleased with the conditions created for us at the center. The staff of the center welcomes the guests very kindly. Here, food, sweets and drinks are made from natural resources. It is gratifying that in addition to the recreation center in the village, houses are also rented to tourists at reasonable prices.The houses are spacious, bright, have all modern equipment, as well as uninterrupted electricity, natural gas, water and communication. Of course, such conditions are a key factor in the satisfaction of any guest who wishes to relax. My interlocutor also noted that if I am lucky, I will definitely come to Agbulag in autumn. Because in autumn there is an abundance of healthy ecological products of this region. Where there is abundance, of course, there is cheapness.I bought apples, walnuts, pickles, jams, cheese, salt and butter, honey, various herbs. I am very pleased with the taste and quality of each blessing I receive. Therefore, I will come to the village in the fall to buy these products. Finally, I want to say that I had a meaningful rest in Shahbuz for three days. Walking in the fresh air of this mountainous land, watching nature, drinking water from springs, interacting with hospitable and kind people made a good impression on me. In short, Agbulag Recreation Center is the ideal place for those who are looking for a meaningful holiday in all seasons.

Author :Hicran ALİYEVA

Translator : Emin Gulmammadov

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