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Martyr Lieutenant Farmin Aliyev, whose life and career were short

Our glorious victory entered the world military history under the name “44 days of war”. “Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”, Which is the memorization of the language of all Azerbaijani people, and the foggy mountains of Shusha were conquered by this motto. The brave Azerbaijani soldier, who has love of country, longing for the homeland and hatred of the enemy in his heart, fought for every inch of his life and took back our lands occupied 30 years ago at the expense of the enemy’s patrons. The sons of Azerbaijan were thrown into battle with the motto “We are ready to die for you.” Thousands of heroic chronicles were written in these battles. One of those heroes is the martyred lieutenant Farmin Aliyev, who joined the battle saying “My unborn baby is entrusted to the people of Azerbaijan” and fought heroically and rose to the peak of martyrdom. Let’s get to know our martyr … Farmin Farman Aliyev was born on March 20, 1996 in Shikhmahmud village of Babek region in a hardworking family. In 2002, he started studying in the first grade of Shikhmahmud village secondary school. After graduating from the 9th grade of high school, he pursues his childhood dream. In 2011 he entered the Military Lyceum named after Heydar Aliyev. While studying at the Azerbaijan Higher Military School named after Heydar Aliyev, he graduated with a degree in “Special Purpose Equipment and Systems”. After completing his military education in 2018, he began serving in the “N” military unit in the Tartar region. Due to his agility and ability, he was sent to Mingachevir as a member of special forces after undergoing special training. From the first day of the Patriotic War, which began on September 27, 2020, Farmin was sent to the battle zone with his battalion. He fights heroically in the battles for Talish, Aguchug and Gulustan villages. He manages to escape the siege with his soldiers on September 28 with his professionalism and skill. The next day he was heroically killed in the battle for the freedom of the village of Talysh. On October 1, the body of our martyr will be brought to his native Nakhchivan. Our martyr, who was greeted by a large crowd, was sent to his last apartment in the village of Shikhmahmud. Farmin’s way of fighting is as short as his life. During the two-day battle, the heroic warrior is remembered as a commander who saved the lives of more than 30 soldiers. You do not become a hero, you are born a hero, Fatma proudly talks about her son: “Farmin grew up with love for the homeland from an early age.He studied well in high school. Mammad Araz’s “Stand up, Azerbaijan!” He recited this poem with such a heart that … Patriotism was above all for Farmin. You know, my daughter, you do not become a hero, you are born a hero. My son was also born a hero. As a child, he always greeted “soldiers” when taking pictures. We were not surprised when he told us that he wanted to apply to the Military High School, we were not against it, on the contrary, we were glad that our son was pursuing his dream and goal. He loved our flag very much. Even on the day of the wedding, our tricolour was a source of pride. Farmin was a very kind and caring boy. Every year he tried to make his vacation coincide with the summer months. Our livelihood was from the land, and he would come home during these months to help his father. He tried not to make us suffer. Smile would not be missing on my baby’s face. But he never talked about work. He used to say that we would say our word on the battlefield. Azerbaijan has a very strong army, a Supreme Commander-in-Chief and a fearless people. The land of a state with such an army cannot remain under occupation. The day when we will win is very close … One dies, a thousand reborn. 22 days after Farmin Aliyev reached the peak of martyrdom, his son was born. Before the last fight, he spoke to his wife for the last time and said, “I love you very much. I love my homeland as much as I love you. If I am a martyr, you are entrusted to the Motherland. You are a strong and intelligent woman. I believe he will be able to cope with everything. If you take good care of your unborn baby. We will meet if we are lucky,”he said. Mrs. Fatima, the wife of our martyr, says that she is proud of Farmin. The way he fought, the love for the homeland is now an example for thousands of Azerbaijani children. I will raise my baby in a way worthy of his father. Martyrs do not die, the Motherland is indivisible Father Farman says: “Martyrdom is such a peak that not everyone can rise to that peak. As a father, I am proud of my son. Like every martyred parent, we are very happy that our son’s blood did not remain on the ground. The victorious Azerbaijani Army took revenge on all our martyrs, cleansed the enemy from the Azerbaijani land. On the fortieth day of his martyrdom, we received the news of the victory. We gave him this good news at the tomb of my son. “Sleep well, son, your dream has come true. Karabakh is Azerbaijan! The enemy was driven out of our lands. He knelt before our army and begged for mercy, “I said. Now my son’s soul is happy. His comrades sucked the blood of the enemy. The Azerbaijani flag is flying in the village of Talysh, Sugovushan, where he sacrificed his life. Martyr Lieutenant Farmin Aliyev was awarded the Order of the Flag of Azerbaijan and the Medal for the Motherland in accordance with the orders signed by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev. Mr. Lieutenant, we congratulate you on the liberation of our lands from occupation, on being a father and on receiving the highest awards, and we bow before the Holy Spirit. Your son,Farman is entrusted to us.


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