Wednesday , 12 May 2021

Murad Karamov

Murad Karamov, infotour participant has shared the photos regarding Nakchivan and expressed his impressions of visit , on his facebook page: \”Alinja tower is one of the proud page of the battle\’s history. As for me, it is the duty of every azerbaijani to see and feel it. Althought, for centuries, Alinja has served to the various ruling dynasties of Azerbaijan and the Middle East. Mostly, it was famous as the headquarter place of Azerbaijan Atabeys, in the history and it has amazed with its strength Great Amir Teymur who defeated the most powerful military forces of his period\”.
Also, Mircavid Hasanov has written it, sharing the photos about Nakchivan, on his page:\” Nakchivan has already been able to surprise us, since Monday. Every azerbaijani should see The Duzdag cave and the Momina Khatun tomb.
Translator:Gulvira Mustafayeva

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