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Naimi (about 1339/40-1394) –thinker, poet. He laid the foundation of the Hurufism sector in the Near and Middle East of the Middle Ages. He gave an explanation to the main propositions of pantheism which constitutes the philosophic base of the Hurufism in the “Javidani-Sagir”, “Mahabbatnama”, “Arshnama” tractates and partially in the work of “Novmnama” (About dreams) and in his “Divan”. His masterpiece is “Javidani-Kabir” (“Javidnama”). The Hurifis believed that Allah was reflected in the personality of Fazlullah and as he resembled Allah on the Earth planet, he would be able to overcome all kinds of injustice. For the information in the sources as Naimi carried out the propaganda of the Hurifism and as always came out against the policy of power he was prosecuted till the Alinja fortress and by the order of Amir Temer Naimi was detained by Miranshah, son of Temer, and was executed in the Alinja fortress.

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