Friday , 16 April 2021


The Nakhchivan Ice-house – The architectural monument near the Imamzadeh complex, in the city of Nakhchivan. It is one of the biggest ice-houses in the Azerbaijan Republic. The length of the ice-house is 20 m, the width is 9 m and present height is 9,6 m. The very technical qualfied solution of the brick cover built in NATURE, the arrangement of the cover lengthwise, eight and dynamnic construction scheme are the characteristic pecuilarities of the Nakhchivan ice-house. The space of the projection arches arranged at about every 3 m were covered with joint span. The brick laying lines were built of vertically compared with the loading spans. According to the brick layings of the cover part of the building the arch construction changes in the above part of spans and is completed with little arches.

These little arches were arranged along the main axis of the building. The ice-house of its similarity exists in the city of Ordubad of the Azerbaijan territory (see the Ordubad ice-house). The great architectural solution of the Nakhchivan ice-house shows that this monument was built in the renaissance period of the Nakhchivan architectural schooling (XII-XIV centuries).

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