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Nakhchivan archıtecture

Nakhchivan archıtecture

One of the attractive factors the point of view for tourism in the Autonomous Republic is the thousands of historical-cultural monuments. Every year hundreds of tourists visit our Autonomous Republic for seeing these monuments. Naturally the work done in protection of monuments restoration and promotion have an important role. In accordance with the decree of 2005 December 6 of the Chairman of Supreme Assembly of Nakchivan Autonomous Republic \”the work on protection of historical and cultural monuments and on organization of certification of Nakchivan Autonomous Republic \”
registrating over 1200 monuments have been certificated in the Autonomus Republic. The restoration of the monuments recognizing Nakchivan in the world having a tourism potential was kept at the centre of attention hundreds of historical-cultural monuments were given new life. This year after restoration Alinjaqala and Gulistan mausoleum have caused interest of tourists visiting ancient land. The historical monuments in the Autonomous Republic attracted the attention of scientist, researcher, journalist and tourists who visit this land and after returning to own country they made reports articles works then they presented to world public. Over 187 thousand tourists visited our Autonomous Republic in June-May in 2016 and this is more 4.1% in comparison with 2015.
Translator:Zhala Rzayeva

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