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Nakhchivan, as a capital of islamic culture civilization

Today the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic celebrating the 93rd anniversary of its foundation attracts a great deal of attention with its development indicators.
The achievements gained in all spheres point out today\’s image and future development perspectives of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Rapid development of Nakhchivan coincides with the years of independence.

The successes achieved in the last 25 years occur as the embodiment of the loyalty to national lider Haydar Aliyev’s political and ideological course and the affection for motherland.
Today, Nakhchivan hosts international events, scientific symposiums and festivities.
Being safe and prosperous city makes Nakhchivan more attractive from tourism point of view.

This is a priority for picking which one to visit here.

This ancient oghuz land having 5000-year history of civilization has embarked upon such a stage of development that it has been selected the capital of Islamic civilization for 2018.

At the same time, this is an indicator of position and prestige of Nakhchivan in the islamic world.

Nakhchivan is a city becoming the symbol of islamic world and cultural heritage. Ancient historical and cultural monuments of our city prove it one more time

It should be noted that the resolution on the program \”Capitals of Islamic Civilization\” was adopted by the suggestion of Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) in the third conference of ministers of culture from member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (formerly Organization of Islamic Conference) held in Doha, the capital of Qatar in the late 2001.
\”Capitals of Islamic Civilization\” program for 2005-2014 was adopted in the fourth conference held in Algeria on December 15-17 in 2004. According to the program, a city must have an essential historical past in the level of country and region, contributions to the field of science, art, literature in the islamic and human civilization, the centres of scientific research and archeological education and cultural institutions organizing cultural events in a collective and individual form to be declared the capital of islamic civilization.
In this respect, Nakhchivan comprises all these rules and principles with its anciency and modernity.
Independence is the most valuable wealth of a country. This wealth develops on national values and historical roots.
As our head of state said: \”Our literature, music, art, historical monuments, mother tongue Azerbaijani – these are the moral foundations of Azerbaijani people. We build a modern state on these solid foundations.\”
In this sense, Nakhchivan can be proud of not only its economic indicators, but also its achievements in the field of history and culture. As a result of scientific researches it was found out that , the land of Nakhchivan occupying an important place in the history of Azerbaijani statehood has become one of the necessary centres of human civilization.
There are some people who associates Islam with terrorism and ignorance in the world. Nakhchivan will give good answers to those who bring together the concepts of Islam and terror again. The rich culture and history of the Islamic world will be exhibited to the world this time in the context of Nakhchivan. In short, there is no doubt that Nakhchivan will successfully fulfill its mission as the capital of Islamic culture.

Translators: Nubar Hussein, Nubar Shahgeldiyeva, Rahim Najafov

Nakhchivan, as a capital of islamic culture civilization
Nakhchivan, as a capital of islamic culture civilization
Nakhchivan, as a capital of islamic culture civilization
Nakhchivan, as a capital of islamic culture civilization

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