Tuesday , 11 May 2021

Nakhchivan, Capital of Islamic Culture

Nakhchivan, Capital of Islamic Culture
Nakhchivan,the historical and ancient city of Azerbaijan declared the capital of Islamic culture.
The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed an order to create Organizing Committee busy with making events in Nakhchivan in 2018.
Nakhchivan with its 4500-5000 years history is the cradle of Eastern civilization and a popular trade,art,science and cultural center of South Caucasus

Many religious-cultural monuments,historical and architectural museums,fortresses, tombs have fascinated those who are interested in the ancient turkish land

The Mousoleum of Mumine Khatun is representative of the Nakhchivan architectural tradition of the medieval era.
Nakhchivan is famous for its places of religious worship.
One of them is Ashabi -Kahf which is situated in the eastern part of Nakhchivan city.
Each year ten thousands of people make pilgrimage to this place

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