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They liken time to a long journey, and history to a time-traveling traveller. History is moving hard because it is looking back at every new step. The result is a chronicle of the path taken. The people of Nakhchivan also set out on a journey from the crossroads of time 25 years ago. It was a path in the darkness. Mr. Vasif Talibov, the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly, followed by the people of Nakhchivan on that road. Now it’s the last 25 years. Because it is already a chronicle, a history. The word of history is sharper than all the words spoken.

The general picture of Nakhchivan at the beginning of the road was as follows: in 1995, the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was experiencing the most difficult moments of the blockade. The difficult socio-economic situation had obscured the general picture of the autonomous republic. The air smelled of poverty. Nakhchivan was paralyzed when the railway was shut down exactly 5 years ago. Lack of fuel, electricity and natural gas stopped life here. People were suffering: information blockade, houses, workplaces were cold, dark, tables were empty, workplaces were closed, bread, food, oil queues, coupons in front of shops, half a kilogram of powdered sugar per family, 2 kilograms of flour There was no house where one or two people did not go to work in neighboring countries. People lived in a difficult social situation. The situation in Nakhchivan did not leave any home or family here. Because it was a common problem. No one had the slightest advantage over anyone, people shared a common life.

Even before the people of Nakhchivan set out on this journey, history and time showed and proved that the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic would not have existed without our national leader Heydar Aliyev, whom the Creator sent to earth as the savior of this people, who dedicated his life to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanism. Without him Nakhchivan would have lived the fate of our ancient lands occupied in the 1990s. Our great leader prevented this. However, at that time, our whole country was in such a dangerous situation as Nakhchivan, and at the insistence of the people, the great figure had to return to the leadership of Azerbaijan for the second time with a rescue mission. The great leader left Nakhchivan with the desire to fulfill his wishes and plans for Nakhchivan, which is an integral part of Azerbaijan.

The great Heydar Aliyev analyzed very well how some “patriots” committed provocations in the country, destroyed our lands one after another, created many confrontations in the country, and not only that, but also reached out to Nakhchivan. For this, the great leader chose Mr. Vasif Talibov to hand over the fate of Nakhchivan. Although Mr. Sadr was 35 years old in 1995, and this age could be considered too early for the troubled Nakhchivan, time, history and the past 25 years have proved that our great leader has never been infallible in politics.

In those years, many people could not stand the difficult situation in Azerbaijan and chose to live abroad. We saw those who described themselves as intellectuals and leaders, who collaborated with Soviet Moscow and facilitated the occupation of our lands. We saw those who prepared special plans for the blockade of Nakhchivan, those who were inclined to take office, and those who took advantage of the situation. Both Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan were on the edge  to be destroyed in a minute, erased from history and the map. However, Heydar Aliyev’s policy and foresight prevented this. Nakhchivan was given into safe hands. The fate of the people of Nakhchivan was entrusted to the person trusted by the great leader. Years later, he would say to a man, “My job was to complete the work that Heydar Aliyev wanted to do in Nakhchivan, but could not do due to incomplete time,” and will continue to do so with great will, determination and skill. , would make their plans a reality.

There are indicators of the past 25 years, statistics, documents confirming where Nakhchivan came from. Today, all regions of Nakhchivan are talking about the past 25 years. Against the background of the past and present of Nakhchivan, people know what they have. Each of the reconstructed roads, schools, health and cultural centers of our cities, settlements and villages is what people have achieved today in comparison with yesterday. Today, Nakhchivan is a land of pride for people who return to other places due to unemployment and become landowners, farmers, entrepreneurs, family farmers. Although Nakhchivan has been under blockade for 30 years, the conditions created for people in recent years, employment, livelihood, living have made them forget this word. Now the people of this place are talking about development and progress.

Not only the people of Nakhchivan, but every visitor who comes here, speaks with admiration about Nakhchivan in the tourist country and in the places where they live. In the context of the blockade and parallel development, the socio-economic landscape of Nakhchivan over the past 25 years can be summarized as follows: from lamplight to electricity exporter, from bread queues to food security, from stumped forests to thousands of hectares of greenery, from useless lands to hundreds of hectares of arable land, from disappearing monuments, kahriz, mills to new life in the historic land, Innovations that erase the antiquity of 70 years …

These are the fruits of the unity and loyalty of the leaders. But it would also be appropriate to look at the past 25 years “through the eyes” of emotions:

– Nakhchivan-sized love for Nakhchivan. With this love, the dark paths were illuminated. Those roads were crossed.

-Love, love of land. With this love the country was protected, the hands reaching out to the motherland were cut off.

– Caring for martyrs and veterans. We have seen this in the comprehensive care provided to them for many years. We also saw him again in Nakhchivan, where received its martyr 17 times in the 44-day war. We saw the head of the Autonomous Republic in welcoming our martyrs from Nakhchivan with great sorrow, in their warm attitude to their parents and children, in visiting our veterans, in giving instructions to use all opportunities for their treatment.

-Sure. We have achieved this thanks to the strengthening of the defence position in Nakhchivan, which is an impregnable fortress, and the building of the army. This gives confidence to the people of Nakhchivan, unlike in the 1990s. In our remote villages, such people are confident and comfortable that their security is the most important issue in the autonomous republic.

-It is worth the work. Today, in the autonomous republic, the work of everyone from children to adults is highly valued. No one is left out.

– Respect for people. We are witnessing the communication of the leader of the Autonomous Republic with the intellectual, the teacher with the teacher, the farmer with the farmer.

-Sincereness. We have seen this in meetings with residents of the city centre, from the most remote villages. We have seen the interest of the head of the Autonomous Republic in the care of producers at festivals and fairs, in being the first buyers of their products.

-Friendship with young people. This was felt at all times in the care of the education and health of young people. Every year, we met with dozens of young people who scored high in university entrance exams, presented them with gifts, wished them success, and provided housing for young families.

-Talent price. We are witnessing talented people in Nakhchivan and the creation of comprehensive conditions for their development.

– The most important thing we are always proud of. In Nakhchivan, the word “disabled” was replaced years ago by a person with disabilities. This has been shaped by the fact that in the speeches of the head of the autonomous republic for many years, not a disabled person, but a person with limited health has been mentioned, and it has become such a way of expression for everyone. All this is the highest stage of human value in the unique character of a political figure.

Looking back today, it reminds me of a saying of Nakhchivan Confucius 25 years ago, which comes to life as a dark landscape: “Instead of cursing the darkness, stop and light a candle.” We did not curse the darkness, but stepped forward with the candle lit by the leader of the autonomous republic and held in our way. Mr. Vasif Talibov’s potential and political ability, which benefited from the great leader of Nakhchivan, which was in a difficult situation due to its geographical area and the situation in which he found himself, left the difficult, candle-light years behind and headed for light, development and good days. In those years, not everyone could find the strength to carry that heavy burden on his shoulders. However, in history, those people become great personalities who are able to cope with their responsibilities in such difficult situations, to lead a large country at the age of 35, to lift many times more than they can at the age of 35, and to be elders of a country. Such people are historians. Those who write history are lived by history itself.

Today, Nakhchivan is our native land, illuminated by the realization of the wishes and desires of our great leader, the place of pride of each of us. Nakhchivan, which has been proud of its independence, stability, development and, most importantly, love for the Motherland and the people for the past 25 years … As the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said: “Other regions of Azerbaijan are also developing. But I can tell you that in this regard, Nakhchivan is a leader in Azerbaijan, and I hope that you will continue to lead in the future. Every citizen and guest who comes to Nakhchivan sees this – landscaping, construction work, construction of new buildings with high taste, neatness and attention. It is felt that this work is done with great love. This is the main condition. Sometimes the question is, what is the main reason for a successful policy? I think it is love for the people. It is a love for the native land. If this is the case, then the leaders also serve their people with dignity and love. It is in Nakhchivan and I am very happy. “

Author: Matanat MAMMADOVA

Translator: Emin Gulmammadov

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