Friday , 18 September 2020

Nakhchivan State History Museum

Nakhchivan State History Museum

Nakhchivan State History Museum was founded in 1924 as a history-ethnography museum.
Later was called History-Regional Geography Museum, from 1968 possesses present name. More than 48 thousand exhibits belonging to Nakhchivan rich, ancient history are preserved in the Nakhchivan State History Museum.
Exhibiton mainly includes 4- ancient, medieval, present time and modern time. Museum consists of 10 departments. Here are also exhibited various types of tool thing of Paleolit and Neolit, grain stones, boards of obsidian, stone hammers, bone needles, copper and silver money samples discovered in the NakhchivanAutonomous Republic territory, tomb of monumental Momina Khatun, Yusif Kuseyir builet by the prominent architect of the Middle Ages Ajami Abubakir oghlu Nakhchivany and pictural materials about other architectural monuments, carpet manufacture, jewelry, braziership, pottery, carving samples, beautiful handicrafts of folk masters concerning to decorative applied arts.

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