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Nakhchivan welcomes two Brazilian visitors

Nakhchivan welcomes two Brazilian visitors

By Peter Tase

On October 2017, the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan welcomed two special guests from the beautiful city of San Paolo, Brazil. Luiz and Sandra are perhaps the first Brazilian guests to have visited the Land of Noah, during the last twenty years. Under the company of Mr. Emil (Hasan) Pashali of Natig Travel and Tourism, Luiz and Sandra were introduced to rare archeological sites, cultural monuments and to Azerbaijan’s multiculturalism assets that are extremely well preserved in the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, thanks to the leadership of Nakhchivan Supreme Assembly Chairman the Hon. Vasif Talibov and the President of Azerbaijan H. E. Mr. Ilham Aliyev.

The following is an excerpt of impeccable impressions taken from the extensive Nakhchivan Diary of Luiz and Sandra.

“Until September 2016, I had never heard anything about the true land of the Prophet Noah. I went on a holiday to eastern Turkey along with my wife, driving on the roads near the town of Igdir, I saw some signposts with the word Nakhchivan (photo 1) and when asking our guide I received a short explanation that it was a land on the border with Turkey! From that moment my attention woke up strangely, but we already had a predetermined travel schedule and could not include another destination beyond the Turkish borders, so perhaps Nakhchivan would be the destination for our next year’s vacation.”

Nakhchivan welcomes two Brazilian visitors

“From January 2017, I began to search frantically all kinds of information in books and internet about “Naquichevão” as it is called in our language (Portuguese). For each research encountered, I became more fascinated and I thought: I have to know this place! But it was not enough, I needed more information! I bought a travel guide about the region, but it contained a little information about Nakhchivan, unfortunately only a few lines, but there was something important in that guidebook, a contact information of who in the near future would become our guide in Nakhchivan , Mr. Emil Pashali.”

Nakhchivan welcomes two Brazilian visitors

It is clear that Noah’s land has deeply attracted the interest of the Brazilian couple:

“Westerners, mostly Catholics or Protestants, Christians in general, have already heard or read the Book of Genesis and Noah’s ark, but there is little information about the days after the ark and the place of destination of Noah and his family! What was that place? Now I answer: that place is Nakhchivan the Land of Prophet Noah. Nakhchivan surpassed my expectations, a modern city with wide, tree-lined and extremely clean avenues (photo 2), stand out millenary monuments proud of its population (photos 3 and 4), rebuilt in its original form and captivating its visitors, my wife and I were fascinated with the local history and cordiality of the people, today we keep more than a thousand photos, a joy to remember and show to friends. Well, it was eight months between planning and our trip took place only one month ago, in October 2017, in one of the most impressive places we have ever visited, the birthplace of civilization, and the land of the Prophet Noah. The Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, a sovereign territory of Azerbaijan in the Caucasus region, Eurasia.” There is no doubt that Luiz and Sandra, will very soon return again to the Land of Noah, to visit Nakhchivan and other provinces of Azerbaijan, to further understand the multiculturalism values that are so special and important in today’s world.

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