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National clothes of Nakhchivan: from past to modern times

National clothes of Nakhchivan: from past to modern times

National clothes of Nakhchivan are valuable sources for studying the cultural history of our people. Folk costumes are more likely to reflect the national characteristics of this region. Because, the history, ethnographic and artistic features of folk creativity is reflected in Nakhchivan national costumes. It is possible to say about the ancient history of the development of national costumes on the basis of archaeological materials and various other sources found in different parts of the region.

The oldest example of Azerbaijan’s clothing culture is depicted on one of the Gobustan rocks. In the small earthenware statues of the II millennium B.C. found during archaeological excavations and on Gizilburun pitcher and so on we come across the oldest examples of Nakhchivan garments. There were two dancing figures in a geometric motif composition to a part of the empty space between the triangles on the pitcher. Human paintings are quite schematic. One of them is painted in black and the other is red. This finding proves that Nakhchivan’s clothing culture emerged and developed in ancient times as well.

One of the main supporting elements of Nakhchivan’s national costumes is the belts. One of the richest examples of medieval waistcoats, displayed on the exposition of the Nakhchivan State Historical Museum, is the metal woman’s belt. The exposition of the museum includes the medieval national women’s and men’s belts. Although ancient belts have been not discovered in Nakhchivan yet, there are many medieval belts.

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