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New building of Sadarak Radio and Television Transmission Station has been commissioned – PHOTO

NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports that, the new building of Sadarak Radio and Television Transmission Station was put into operation on March 11.
Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov got acquainted with the conditions created in the building of the Sadarak Radio and Television Transmission Station.
Hikmet Ahmadov, director of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Radio and Television Transmission Center, said that the sustainable development of the autonomous republic also covered the field of television and radio broadcasting, and important projects were implemented in connection with the introduction of digital television networks. As a result, the telecommunications sector in the autonomous republic is built at the level of modern requirements. Today, the provision of Sadarak Radio and Television Transmission Station with a new modern building is a continuation of the work done. Hikmet Ahmadov thanked the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly for the attention and care shown to the development of telecommunications in the autonomous republic.
Congratulating the staff on the commissioning of the new station, Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov said: “Today, a radio and television transmission station covering the Sadarak region is being put into operation.” Thus, the quality of TV and radio broadcasting in the region will improve. Broadcasting is an important issue. Therefore, television channels are broadcast in the autonomous republic in the form of packages. Because the proper regulation of television and radio broadcasting also serves to protect our national and moral values. Many countries now broadcast television beyond their borders, ignoring international law. This affects the broadcasting of domestic television, as well as the inculcation of national and spiritual values. In order to protect the population from these influences, modern transmission stations are being built in the autonomous republic and television and radio broadcasting is carried out.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said: A lot of work has been done in this area in the Autonomous Republic in recent years, digital broadcasting has been launched since 2014, transmission stations have been reconstructed and equipped with modern equipment. FM transmitters equipped with automatic tuning system have been installed in Sadarak. This equipment must be installed throughout the autonomous republic. Nakhchivan is located in a mountainous area.Therefore, monitoring should be carried out, in areas where the signals are weak, the channels provided in the form of packages are limited, measures should be taken in those areas so that the population can watch and listen to television and radio programs broadcast in our country. There are necessary conditions for this. The state provides the necessary support for this work. Relevant organizations must also approach this work responsibly, transmitters must meet modern requirements, be provided with automatic tuning systems, and the quality of broadcasting in the autonomous republic must be improved. The country’s propaganda and public awareness are carried out through the media. At the same time, television and radio play an important role in the patriotic upbringing of the younger generation. Over the past two years, Nakhchivan State Television has purchased equipment worth about 500,000 manat. All this was done to improve the quality. People can now watch quality programs.
The chairman of the Supreme Assembly said: The station put into operation in Sadarak today is equipped with modern equipment. Modern equipment will ensure the training of new professionals and their modern approach to work. Good working conditions mean comfort for those who work here. Therefore, the facilities must be protected, the work must be approached responsibly and high-quality television and radio broadcasting must be carried out in the area.
Elshan Safarli, a mechanic at the Sadarak Radio and Television Transmission Station, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the staff and said: “Today, the commissioning of such a station in Sadarak, a border region of the autonomous republic, has caused joy to our staff and the entire population.If we are provided with a new building with comfortable working conditions, the commissioning of the transmission station will ensure that Sadarak residents can watch TV programs in a quality way. “
During the inspection of the station, it was reported that there are 6 transmission and 44 low-power transmission stations in the autonomous republic. At present, the entire territory of the autonomous republic is covered by digital broadcasting. Sadarak Radio-Television Transmission Station has radio-television transmitters, broadcast control, engineer, server, kitchen and other study rooms. A radio receiver, 3 monitors and a technical cabinet have been installed in the air control room to monitor radio programs, and for the first time in the autonomous republic, a Multiview system has been put into operation, allowing the station to watch 12 channels on one monitor.
The station is equipped with 2 power regulators, a generator, a digital TV transmitter, an automatic tuning system manufactured by the Italian company Elenos, 3 new FM transmitters, fiber-optic termination equipment, base stations of Azercell, Naxtel and Azerconnect mobile operators. The 75-meter tower is equipped with antenna-feeder systems of base stations of mobile operators, digital television and radio transmitters, transmitter-receiver equipment of radio-relay links.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly instructed to continue work to improve the quality of television and radio broadcasting in the autonomous republic and the introduction of innovations.

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