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New educational building of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Nakhchivan State University was commissioned – PHOTO

Our national leader Heydar Aliyev said: “Every Azerbaijani must know his native language, speak it fluently. And love this language. At the same time, we must work to ensure that our youth learn several languages in our schools and universities. , our people need to know several languages. ” The ideas of the great leader are being successfully implemented in our country, as well as in the autonomous republic, and the teaching and learning of foreign languages in educational institutions are in focus.
NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports, a new educational building of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Nakhchivan State University was put into operation on February 15.
Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov got acquainted with the conditions created in the building.
It was reported that in the basement of the educational building, which consists of 4 floors with a basement, there are 2 language booths, 6 classrooms, a cafeteria, a wardrobe and a boiler room. On the first floor there are 5 auditoriums, translation center, teaching-methodical center, English and methodology, Romance-Germanic language departments, German language center, multimedia room, French language center. On the second floor there are 6 auditoriums, 50-seat auditorium, computer class, foreign literature booth, English language center, English language and translation department, dean’s office, dean’s and deputy dean’s rooms, and on the third floor 7 auditoriums, simultaneous translation, Russian, Arabic, Persian centers, the department of Russian and Oriental languages, as well as an 80-seat meeting hall. The department has English and methodology, Romano-Germanic languages, English and translation, Russian and Oriental languages, foreign literature and 2 language booths, as well as “Teaching-methodical center”, “Simultaneous translation center”, “French”, There are “English”, “German”, “Russian”, “Arabic”, “Persian” and “Translation Center” centers.
433 students study in 7 specialties at the Faculty of Foreign Languages: English language teaching, French language teaching, German language teaching, Russian language teaching, Translation (English-Azerbaijani languages), Translation (Arabic-Azerbaijani languages), Translation (Persian-Azerbaijani languages). 6 of them are citizens of Turkey and Bangladesh.
12 electronic boards, 7 projectors, 112 computers were installed in the educational building and high-speed internet access was provided.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly watched the first English-language news broadcast of University TV.
The head of the department of German-German languages, doctor of philosophy in philology, associate professor Mahsati Askerova thanked: “Necessary conditions have been created for teaching German in schools of the Autonomous Republic, as well as in Nakhchivan State University. Teachers of our department have repeatedly passed trainings, seminars, refresher courses abroad. Dozens of our students study for master’s degrees at universities in Germany and France and work in various fields in our country. The modern conditions created, the application of the latest achievements of technology in education, the availability of the Internet increase our responsibility.
Aida Jalilzadeh, Senior Lecturer of the Department of English Language and Methodology, thanked for the state care for education and youth: “I am a graduate of Nakhchivan State University and I am proud to work as a teacher at the university where I was once a student. Nakhchivan State University also provides comprehensive state care. Today, the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​is added to the list of educational buildings put into operation one after another in the higher education institution. The opening of a separate building for teaching foreign languages ​​to teachers and students is a manifestation of the state’s care for education. As a result, entrants with high scores prefered Nakhchivan State University when choosing a specialty in the future. We will continue to work to ensure that education is built at the level of modern requirements. “
During the inspection, it was noted that the simultaneous translation center will provide translation services for 6 foreign languages. The center, designed for 30 users, will allow students to apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned in class.
Then the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly met with the teaching staff of the university.
Rector of Nakhchivan State University Elbrus Isayev said that today Nakhchivan State University is distinguished by its high reputation in the system of universities of the country, its comprehensive development, activities in the field of training highly qualified personnel.
The university has created all the structural units typical of developed higher education institutions, and built a “University Campus”. At present, 5648 bachelor’s, 360 master’s, 138 doctoral and 52 residency students study at the university’s full-time and part-time departments. As a result of the created opportunities, the number of foreign students entering the university is growing every year. Currently, 1,029 foreign students from Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Iraq and South Korea are studying at the university. There are 444 teachers in the university. 3 teachers are corresponding members of ANAS, 19 are doctors of sciences, and 161 are doctors of philosophy. 2020 remained a year of reconstruction, construction and improvement in the life of the university. Thus, the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​was reorganized into the buildings of the Master’s Center, Architecture and Engineering, Natural Sciences and Agriculture, Conservatory, International Relations and Law, Natural Sciences and Agriculture, Pedagogical faculties, Student House, Social Service Center, Sports Complex, University Hospital repair work was continued, material and technical supply was further enriched. The faculties of International Relations and Law and Foreign Languages ​​have been established at the university, and economics has been taught in English.
Zubeyda Zeynalova, a third-year student of English language teaching at the university and a Presidential Fellow, said: “It is an expression of care for the young generation that the autonomous republic has the most modern material and technical base and rich libraries, equipped with information technology and e-learning tools. We have a high level of knowledge in higher education institutions. Reforms in the field of education are aimed at better education of young people in our country. As an Azerbaijani youth who saw these successes, I also set a goal to get higher education and serve my state and people in the future.After successfully finishing high school, I was admitted to Nakhchivan State University with 687 points in the entrance exams and was awarded a Presidential Scholarship. Being awarded a presidential pension has increased my responsibility even more. The reason why I chose the profession of English language teacher for higher education is to contribute to the development of the autonomous republic after gaining a perfect education and gaining some experience here. The material and technical base and educational infrastructure of the Faculty of Foreign Languages have been enriched in accordance with the requirements. “Zubeyda Zeynalova thanked the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly on behalf of the university students for the attention and care.
Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov congratulated the staff of Nakhchivan State University on the commissioning of the new building of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and said: Nakhchivan State University has undergone a great development. In 1967, it started operating as the Nakhchivan branch of the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute, and in 1972, the Pedagogical Institute was established in Nakhchivan by the decision of our national leader Heydar Aliyev.In 1990, the institute became Nakhchivan State University and continued its activity as a state university with a pedagogical profile. The main development of Nakhchivan State University dates back to the years of independence. During those years, the university functioned effectively, achieved achievements that have a special place in Azerbaijani education, and changed from a pedagogical university to a classical university.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said: Nakhchivan State University is the first classical university in Azerbaijan, which was established in accordance with the requirements of the time. The Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan affirms the status of Nakhchivan as an autonomous state. Therefore, there was a need for personnel in the state bodies of the autonomous republic, as well as in other areas.At that time, the specialties of Nakhchivan State University were not enough to provide staffing. Although the creation of new specialties became necessary, there was a shortage of teachers. Today, most of the staff of Nakhchivan State University are graduates of the university. If at that time there were 9-10 specialties at the university, today there are 63 bachelor’s degrees and 76 master’s degrees.If at that time the total number of students studying at the university was less than 1,200, today only more than a thousand foreign students study. All this was done with great effort. The staff of Nakhchivan State University has a special role in achieving these achievements.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly thanked those who contributed to the achievements and said: “Once Nakhchivan State University was in the second place among Azerbaijani universities, today the university is in the first place among the country’s universities.”
“Young people with higher education are the future builders of the country. The future of the country will be the same no matter how they are brought up, educated and brought up, ”the Speaker of the Supreme Assembly said. In the past, there were 3 or 4 faculties in one building. Today, however, each faculty has its own building. New laboratories and research centers have been established. Modern infrastructure and quality education have increased the interest of local students as well as foreign students in the university. Today, Nakhchivan State University is ahead in terms of the number of foreign students studying in Azerbaijani universities.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said: 7 out of 63 specialties taught at the University are at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, which was opened today. The creation of these specialties was the goal ahead. But there was a shortage of teachers. At that time, teachers from other countries were invited to teach. Today, the teachers of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Nakhchivan State University are local specialists.In his address to the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of the 21st century, the third millennium, our national leader Heydar Aliyev said, “Although our location is the East, our direction must be to the West.” This means that even if we are from the East, we must go to the West and master European education. To do this, it is need to know the language.The main purpose of establishing this faculty was to teach foreign languages to young people and prepare them to study at the world’s leading universities. Today, more than 300 young people from Nakhchivan study abroad. They will return as good specialists and use their knowledge for the development of our country. In the past, there were more than 1,400 graduates of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Today, they work in our country and abroad, contribute to the development of our country. 12 electronic boards, 7 projectors, 112 computers connected to the Internet are put into operation at the faculty. This is more than the new technologies used in some universities.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said: We looked at the path of Nakhchivan State University in a short time. Although this is short in terms of time, the work done takes a long time. At a difficult time for the country, the first work in the autonomous republic began at Nakhchivan State University. A new building was built, faculties were established and necessary equipment was provided.Today we see its fruits. This university has a special role in staffing the autonomous republic. The university must continue to operate successfully. The main task of the team is to organize the training properly, to teach foreign languages to young people and to train them as specialists. The wise say that if you want to know the future of a country, look at its youth. The future will be the same as the level of youth education in our country today.
On the same day, the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly gave instructions on the design of the university’s rector’s building and the provision of “University” television broadcasting in the autonomous republic.

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