Thursday , 17 September 2020
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New exhibits were presented to the Museum of Ethnographical History in Kengerli.

Carpet, arkhalig, heve, spinning, wool comb, rug, pots and other exhibits reflected our ancient culture by 38 residents of Kengerli region were presented to the Museum of Ethnographical History in Kengerli, reported.
Speaking at the event held on this occasion, The minister of Culture and Tourism of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Natavan Qedimova noted that, the organized collection of material-cultural examples for our museums is the focus of attention and residents of the Autonomous Republic closely participated in this case. During 2016, 1.500 new exhibits, in the last three months of this year, 266 exhibits have been received so that, the exhibits were voluntarily presented to the museums and the ministry. The introduction of new exhibits on the Museum of Ethnographical History in Kengerli is the continuation of measures.
Natavan Qedimova thanked those who gifted material-cultural examples to the museum.
Residents of the region, Aynur Bagirova, Bahman Memmedov, Sebuhi Asedov and Ramiz Shukurov, presented exhibits to the museum, have expressed in their speech that, exhibits given to the museum serves delivery of next generation and creation protecting rich cultural heritage.
Finally, the participants were familiarized with the museum.

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