Tuesday , 11 May 2021

New lands involved in crop rotation guarantee abundant harvest – PHOTO

NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports that, on the same day, the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly inspected 340 hectares of land involved in the crop rotation.

The head of the State Service for Real Estate and Land Affairs of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Muslim Jabbarzadeh, said that 5,200 meters of water had been dug to distribute water to the area and the area had been cleared of stones. Of the 340 hectares of land included in the crop rotation, 211 hectares are municipal and 129 hectares are privately owned. 288 hectares of this belong to Kulus, 37 hectares to Mahmudoba and 15 hectares to Nursu municipalities. The area starts at an altitude of 1850 meters from the municipality of Mahmudoba and continues for 6 kilometers to the municipalities of Kulus and Nursu at an altitude of 2100 meters. For this year’s harvest, barley, wheat and straw were planted on 274 hectares in the autumn of last year, of which 121 hectares are private and 153 hectares are municipal lands. Nakhchivan Agroleasing Open Joint-Stock Company also planted crops on 45 hectares.

A new 7.6-kilometer road has been built to ensure easy access for residents and agricultural machinery to the lands involved in the crop rotation.

The Speaker of the Supreme Assembly considered the project of a closed irrigation network to be built on 340 hectares, which will be included in the new crop rotation. It was reported that 42 hydrants, 10 valves, 6 submersibles and 3 pressure boosters will be used in the construction of the closed irrigation network. A total of 10,596 meters will be laid using pipelines with a diameter of 250 and 200 millimeters.

Then there was a meeting with the villagers.

Congratulating the residents, Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov said: Today is a significant day in the life of Shahbuz district. 340 hectares of irrigated land are added to the crop rotation of the region. These areas are fully suitable for cultivation, fertile lands. After irrigation, productivity will increase and the region will contribute to the economy of the autonomous republic. Measures taken in the field of economic development of our country, increasing the sustainability of irrigation of lands, in accordance with the adopted state programs, a plan was prepared and implemented to include this area in the crop rotation. First of all, about 11 kilometers of new power lines were laid and 2 substations were established. Later, with the construction of the pumping station, new lands joined the crop rotation. Taking into account the importance of the road to the area for the farmers, a completely useful road was built here.

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said: Great work has been done here in a short time. About 1 million manat has been spent from the budget of the autonomous republic to carry out this work, so that landowners and tenants of municipal lands can use the land efficiently and get a rich harvest. Fertilizers are provided on preferential terms with state support, and farmers are paid per hectare. From this year, the state will buy 42 kopecks per kilogram of grain. Therefore, the lands must be used efficiently and a rich harvest must be obtained. This will both contribute to improving the living conditions of farmers and ensuring food security in our country.

Vahid Sadigov, a resident of Kulus village, thanked and said: “Thanks to the high attention and care of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly, Shahbuz district, like any other district of the autonomous republic, has been completely renovated. New buildings for schools, villages and service centers have been built There are all conditions for people to live comfortably. The visit of the Speaker of the Supreme Assembly to the village of Kulus is especially different this time, because what the Soviet empire could not do in 70 years has become a reality in a short time. There is life. A new pumping station has been built in our village, a 12-kilometer power line has been laid here, a wide road has been built, the area has been cleared of stones and made suitable for cultivation. We could not even imagine the work done here.

In the past, it was very difficult to climb this plain. Now any equipment can come and go very easily. I have planted 2 hectares of grain in this area. Increasing the area under such crops means abundance. Abundance is a pleasant life. We have a responsibility – to cultivate, to create abundance, to make a profit. “

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly gave relevant instructions to start the construction of a closed irrigation network in the area, the use of productive and adapted seed varieties during planting and to educate landowners.


First of all, stable and high-quality power supply is an important condition for the construction of pumping stations. The project to build a new pumping station in the village of Kulus was planned 40 years ago, during the Soviet era. However, at that time, the non-compliance of the energy sector in this area did not allow the project to be implemented.

During the years of independence, energy security has been a priority in the autonomous republic, new power plants have been built, power systems have been upgraded in all settlements, especially in villages, new and sustainable power lines have been laid, transformers have been built, substations have been modernized. As a continuation of this work, the renewal of electrical systems in the villages of Shahbuzkend, Kulus and Kechili, the increase in the capacity of the “Shahbuz” substation allowed the construction of a pumping station, as a result, hundreds of hectares of land were included in the crop rotation. The planting of new lands will contribute to both the food security of the autonomous republic and the well-being of its residents.

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