Tuesday , 11 May 2021

One more Azerbaijani “AZE Nakhchivan” SK opens in Europe

The team was organized on the initiative of the World Azerbaijanis Assembly.
The main reason of the club name related with Nakhchivan is to introduce the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in Europe, the ancient land of Azerbaijan, which is in blockade and known for its historical and geographical richness as well to draw attention of Europeans to the rich history, culture, tourism and economic opportunities of this region and represent Azerbaijan in Europe creating professional football club.
The club\’s charter, action program, logo was adopted and it was decided to hold the club\’s presentation ceremony in the near future.
Notably, the club is planned to consist of 9, 13, 18 year olds.
The club is not of amateur nature. Official appeal will be made soon to take part in the championship.

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