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One of the 3 holy places of Autonomous Republic is sanctuary in Nakhchivan

One of the 3 holy places of Autonomous Republic is sanctuary in Nakhchivan. The sanctuary complex belonging to XVI-XVIII centuries consists of 3 buildings. There is another tomb at slight distance of complex. The tomb built of baked bricks on the square was constructed above the polygons and was covered with a dome. However, as there is no grave and memorial inscription, its fixing wasn\’t clarified. The buildings included in the sanctuary complex have harmony with each other and have created a complete architectural ensemble. The medieval cemetery has existed around the complex. Gradually, some of the graves were destroyed, some of them still remain. There is a grave which was visited by the population in the sanctuary tomb included in the complex. Top of the grave was built in the form of the tomb. As there is no epitaph-grave inscription on the grave, it is impossible to say exactly on its origin and belonging to whom. According to the city\’s elderly population, 8th Imam of the Shia, Rza\’s son was buried in the tomb. According to the epigraphic scientist I. Azimbeyov\’s article in the 20s of the last century, incriptions written in Arabic with handwritting were located in the north-west side of the tomb. According to the text of the inscription, In the authority years of the great soltan, ruler, respectable amir, judge of Arabs and Ecem -Soltan Ebu Muzeffer Shah late, faults forgiven Haji Fulad bey\’s son, benevolent of the time Hezret Rufai bey had ordered construction of the sanctuary. The architectural complex was restored in 2004 and handed over to the population.
Translator:Huseynzade Leman

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