Thursday , 13 May 2021

Ordubad District Children’s Hospital started operating – PHOTO

NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports that Ordubad District Children’s Hospital was put into operation on April 9.

Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov attended the event.
Durdana Guliyeva, chief doctor of the Ordubad Children’s Hospital, said that the hospital was built at the level of modern requirements, and all conditions were created for the examination and treatment of children in accordance with the requirements of the world health system. The work done will allow children in Ordubad region to be provided with full quality medical services. Durdana Guliyeva expressed gratitude on behalf of the team and promised to increase their efforts to protect children’s health and justify the confidence, guided by the opinion of the Speaker of the Supreme Assembly “Healthy growth of children serves the healthy future of our country.”
Congratulating the staff and residents of the Ordubad District Children’s Hospital, Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov said: “Today, more than 51,000 people live in the Ordubad district.” About 18,000 of the population are children in the 1-17 age group. Medical services are provided to the population of the region through 1 Central Hospital, 1 Hygiene-Epidemiology Center, 12 outpatient clinics and 19 midwives. Ordubad District Children’s Hospital, established by the Order of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly dated January 7, 2020, is also included in the list of district health facilities today.In accordance with the “State Program on compulsory medical examination of children in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic for 2018-2022”, consistent measures are being taken in the autonomous republic. Within the framework of the state program, first of all, the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Children’s Hospital was reconstructed and provided with the necessary medical equipment. Later, Sharur District Children’s Hospital was built and put into operation in a modern way.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said: There was a need to establish a children’s hospital in Ordubad district. After the relevant order, the necessary work was carried out here, and today the staff is provided with 54 types of medical equipment for various purposes, a modern children’s hospital consisting of inpatient and outpatient departments. Comprehensive conditions have been created in the health facility. This will allow the team to perform its duties properly. The main task ahead is to register all children in the district, to implement the measures envisaged in the state program in a timely manner and to pay attention to the health of children. Because children are our future. Their healthy growth and good education serve the future of the country.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly expressed confidence that the created conditions will be used properly and wished the staff success in their work.
During the acquaintance with the hospital, it was reported that the 10-bed health center, consisting of 3 floors with a basement, has an inpatient department and a polyclinic, and a medical staff of 59 people. In the basement there is a vaccination dispensary, accountant-statistician, canteen, laundry, boiler house, warehouse and other ancillary rooms.
On the first floor there are rooms for registration, emergency care and manipulation, laboratory, physiotherapy, ultrasound examination, compulsory medical insurance, reception doctor, psychologist-speech therapist, dentist, infectious disease-phthisiologist, isolator and head nurse. On the second floor there is a chief doctor, ophthalmologist, ENT, ordinator, 4 wards, resuscitation and intensive care room, as well as study rooms. The hospital has a central oxygen system and a model medical information system integrated into the Ordubad District Central Hospital, 12 computers and 3 printers, 2 dental devices, USM, ECG, EEG, pediatric ventilator, hematology analyzer, a total of 54 medical equipment purchased. A FIAT ambulance was provided.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly presented the keys to the ambulance and instructed to conduct medical examinations and vaccinations of children in a timely manner, send doctors to courses, pay attention to staff training, and send medical brigades to villages.
The hospital is equipped with a central heating system.

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