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Ordubad Ice house

The architectural monument of the XIV century, in the center of Ordubad. It was restored again in the XVIII century. The total area of the building is 166 m2, the inside capacity of the cellars is 89,4 m2. The construction of the ice-house was held by means of bake bricks (20x20x5 cm) and lime solution. The building consists of a large room, 36 stairs of 2 marches (20×30 cm) and a cellar where ice was kept inside of the entrance. The total height of the building is 11,32 m. The thickness of the walls is 0,8 m. The ceiling of the room is plain but the ceiling of the cellar was completed by arranging the arched spans at 2,9 m distance from each other between two neighbour spans in the arch form. In this case, the building layings, the suspended ceiling were arranged in the perpendicular position. The above part of the joined arch construction change is vividly seen near the span.
The building is completed along the central axis direction, along the head lines of the spans with small joined arches. In order to defend from hot in summer the local people used this ice-house to save their products and personal food. The ice produce was carried out in winter by means of water filling the ice – house. In order not to defreeze the ice the people placed chaff into the ice. During summer months special people used to tie felt on their feet and took out the ice out of the ice-house. The right ice-house provided the need of the Ordubad population.

Ordubad Ice house

Author: Rahim Najafov – Editor-in-Chief

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