Tuesday , 11 May 2021

Ordubad region


It was established a region on August 8, 1930. In 1963 the activity of the region was canceled and given under the administration of Julfa region and on January 6, 1965 it was reestablished.
It borders on Iran in the South, but in the North and East on Armenia. The territory is 978.99 km2, population is 49.2 thousand (01.01.2016). The center is the city of Ordubad. There is 3 settlements and 43 villages in the region.

The territory of the region consists of the Zangazur mountain chain and along the Araz river plains. The highest top is the Gapijig (3904 m) mountain. The climate type is dry in summer and cold in winter. The rivers Araz, Ordubad, Vanand and others flow in the territory of the region. It is mainly an agricultural region.

39 secondary schools, a professional school, 5 out of class schools and 2 professional institutions, 47 libraries, 42 club institutions, 3 museums, the popular “Gamigaya” historical monuments complex, the National park named after Hasan Aliyev, the Ordubad Historical-Agricultural reservation, 2 children musical schools, the “Araz” cinema, a central hospital, 4 field hospitals, 7 out patient’s clinics, 17 midwife stations, 14 doctor’s assistant stations, the center of Hygiene and Epidemiology and other organizations serve the people in the region.

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