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Our music culture is promoted

Our music culture is promoted

The land of ancient Nakhchivan was historically a cradle of culture, art, literature and contributed outstanding figures to world culture. One of the spectacular columns of Nakhchivan\’s history is its history of musical culture. Nakhchivan musicians have tried to describe the historical events, heroes, their prowess and their courage in the art of performing, the features of their time.

It should be emphasized that Nakhchivan culture, as well as its musical art, has never been left behind in social development, the ancient land has been known as one of the most developed cultural centers of Azerbaijan.

The national leader Heydar Aliyev, along with other art spheres, also paid great attention to the development of Azerbaijani composer school and music. Contemporary and topical issues of music, as well as the problems, ideas and suggestions of composers and performers have always been of great interest for the national leader. He did not deny his assistance for the people who connect their life to this area and took care of their activities. The person who has the ability to listen to music, feel it intuitively, hear, and have the ability to carry his thoughts directly into the music is very happy. Exactly such talented people Mammad Nasirbeyov, one of the first musicians of Nakhchivan who got composer education, Nariman Mammadov, who successfully graduated from the Composer Department of the Azerbaijan State Conservatory named after Uzeyir Hajibeyli, Ramiz Mirishli put the first stage of professional composer art in Nakhchivan.

Today, the Composers\’ Union of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, which combines composers, performers, musicians, is one of the creative organizations that started with the initiative and care of our great leader Heydar Aliyev. In order to get acquainted with the activities of the mentioned organization, we are addressing the chairman of the organization, Honored Art Worker of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Yasar Khalilov. He said:

-The organization, which was established in 1978 as the Nakhchivan Organization of the Composers\’ Union of Azerbaijan, has been participating in the socio-cultural life of the autonomous republic for more than 40 years, contributes to the enrichment and development of our musical culture. The purpose of the organization is to develop the musical culture of Azerbaijan, which serves the moral enrichment of the people, to take care of musical heritage. For this purpose, the organization preserves the best traditions of creative diversity, national music and world musical culture in Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan and updates its principles as an action program. Members of the organization have a deep understanding of their commitments and further enhance their creative potential for the development of our musical culture.

In the past period, creative figures such as Farida Aghayeva, Vidadi Heydarov, Akram Mammadli and Nizami Mammadov joined the organization and the number of members ranged from 8 to 12.

Yashar Khalilov also pointed out that Nakhchivan Composers’ Union has close creative contacts with the Nakhchivan State University\’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Nakhchivan Music College. Thus, the members of the organization are also closely involved in concerts dedicated to the music days, memories and the jubilees of prominent composers held at these enterprises. The 100th anniversary of composer Mammad Nasirbayov and the 50th anniversary celebrations of Ordubad City Children\’s Music School were memorable from this point of view. The organization also maintains close connections with choral and folk musical instruments of Music College, chamber and folk musical instruments orchestra of Nakhchivan State Philharmonic, choral collectives, regularly composed works are presented to these collectives for performance.

We learn that the organization maintains close creative contacts with prominent composer Tofig Bakikhanov who has great services in the development of Azerbaijan musical culture and benefits from his recommendations. When the composer was in Nakhchivan, he met with members of the collective many times and conducted creative discussions. Even at the creative concert of young composer Hakim Mammadli, he gave a high opinion.

Regarding future plans, the chairman of the organization states that this year the program of the reporting concert will be prepared on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev, as well as the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Composers\’ Union of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Two of the musical compositions devoted to the great leader – Shamsaddin Gasimov\’s \”The Lasting Sun\” and Yashar Khalilov\’s \”I\’m proud that I am Azerbaijani!\” odes have been included a competition among children\’s musical, art and artistic crafts schools organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

As a result of the care of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the collection of \”Children\’s Songs of Nakhchivan composers\” was published and sent to musical education institutions. The members of the organization also published books \”Elementary theory of music\”, \”History of polyphony\” by Rukhsara Huseynova, \”Songs and duets\” by Kamal Ahmedov, \”Tofiq Bakikhanov: Joy of Nakhchivan\” and \”Composer Nariman Mammadov\” by Gunay Mammadova. Farida Agayeva\’s creative concert was held. The concert was greatly appreciated by the audience as a performance by the author.

Let us note that two examples of the opera \”Iblis\” written by Yashar Khalilov on Huseyn Javid\’s tragedy are prepared by choir collective of Nakhchivan State Philharmonic.

The Nakhchivan Composers\’ Union keeps in touch with young and amateur composers, cares about them and helps them in their creative work, keeps the focus on expanding its ranks by attracting new talented composers and musicians to the organization. The members of the Composers’ Union which have passed a honorable way from the historical point of view, today properly fulfill their responsibilities and enrich the Azerbaijani music by sparing much effort for the development of our musical culture.

Mr. Vasif Talibov, the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, also cares about the arts and composer-musical art, as well as in all areas. This attention and care motivates musicians to work better and earn greater success.

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