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Peter Tase, Journalist researcher from US: Patriotism is the main factor of contemporary development of Nakhchivan

I witnessed amazing progress in Nakhchivan
As we informed, the director of the office of International Collaboration and Partnership of International Migration Organization, lady Jill Helken paid one day visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on April 27. During her visit the guest who got acquainted with some places of interest and sightseeing of Nakhchivan gave an interview to “Sherq Qapisi” newspaper about her visit impressions.
– Lady Jill Helken , it is nice to see you again in Nakhchivan.
– Thank you very much, I am also very pleased to be in Nakhchivan again and to meet the acquaintances here. This is my second visit to Autonomous Republic. It was 15 years ago I had been here for the first time. At that time our collaboration newly began. In this visit, our aim was to discuss about in connection with the continuation of our present collaboration and to get acquainted with Nakhchivan again.
– Perhaps, you could get acquainted ?
– Of course, I noted that Nakhchivan changed completely during the passing years, I saw an amazing development here. It is hard to express this wit words. Historical monuments, museums and natural treatment centres of Nakhchivan made good impressions on us. We witnessed what sensitive care was taken to these historical monuments by your government. In a word it is perfect and amazing. Besides there are educated and sophisticated cadres here who know their work well. While being in Nakhchivan we met the leaders of some official bodies, made discussions, simultaneously we took part in the seminar held with the topic “Red mission and human rights” All these were very interesting and useful. I think that our future plans in connection with autonomous republic will grow on a rising line.
– At that time, we suppose your visits to Nakhchivan will be intensive.
– Of course, I have always wished to come to Nakhchivan. However, as you know , projects are implemented in some countries of the world by our organization, we often visit different regions, so that time limitation shows itself here. And I hope my next visit to Nakhchivan will not be after one more 15 years.
Amazing view of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic
Local Television channel in Nakhchivan city which is called NTV prepared amazing video.This video shows all beauty of nature and city in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Peter Tase, Journalist researcher from US: Patriotism is the main factor of contemporary development of Nakhchivan

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