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Pumpkin stuffing in tendir

Pumpkin stuffing in tendir

Round, yellow pumpkin is en- graved. Split peas and meat are boiled and filtered, giyme is made. Onion is cut, salt, pepper, yellow ginger, are added to giyme. The giyme is stuffed into the pumpkin and lid made of it is closed. The stuffed pumpkin is put into tendir, under it there must be a sheet of iron not to let the embers to burn it. The mouth of tendir is closed and the meal is ready in 30 minutes.
Ingredients: 1 pumpkin, 100 gr split peas, 300 gr of fatty mutton (beef with 50 gr of unsalted butter), 200 gr of onion, salt, pepper, yellow ginger.
2. Pumpkin (not too big) is washed, head of pumpkin is round cut from the stalk, seeds and fibers are removed. Peas are boiled, skin is removed, cleaned and cut onion is fried, chestnut, watered dry alycha and apricot (seeds are re­moved), minced, grinded and fried meat is added, green, date, walnut and currants are added and mixed, salt, pepper, yellow ginger are added, as well. Inner part of pumpkin is salted and stuffed with ready solution and covered. It’s cooked about 2 hours in tendir. Nowa- days pumpkin may be cooked in electric oven, as well. This is served with lightly watered lavash on table.
Ingredient: 1 kg soft meat (0,5 kg minced, 0,5 kg for grinded meat), 200­250 grams of pea, 0,5 kg onion, 150 grams of currant, 8-10 dates, 100 grams of walnut, 10-15 dried apricot, 8-10 dried alycha, 200 grams of melt butter, salt, pepper, yellow ginger.

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