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Gurut as a pearl of traditional cuisine

Gurut as a pearl of traditional cuisine

Gurut is one of the delicious foods of ancient Nakhchivan which is mostly prepared in winter.This dairy product is made from drained yoghurt or drained buttermilk .Yoghurt is agitated in churn (nehre) or wineskin (tulug). After enough agitation, fat molecules float on the top of liquid and form butter. When this happens, butter is skimmed and collected. Then the liquid is poured into a cloth bag and left to drain. In most cases, the cloth bag is placed in a big basin with some heavy things such as a large river stone on the bag in order to be filtered well. Sometimes the bag is hung from a tree for 3-4 days. After the process of draining there remains thick whitish heavy mass which is called “ cortan” in Arazin village of the Julfa region. Cortan is salted, rolled into balls and laid on a piece of wood covered with cheesecloth. Another piece of cheesecloth is used for covering the balls to keep insects or dust away .Dried balls are put into a sack made from cotton and preserved for winter. Dried mint leaves can be put into the sack for protecting from getting worm. Gurut is used as an ingredient in various types of meal such as gurut ashi, gurut shorbasi, kalachok (kaladosh) in winter. Sometimes pasta dishes like “khengel” with or without crushed garlic and “erishte”( home-made noodles) are topped with gurut. Gurut is also used as cheese.

Author:Aida Ibrahimova
Translator: Rahim Najafov

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