Saturday , 17 April 2021

Rahim Qadirov

Rahim Qadirov, the collaborator of \”Travel News\” has shared 3 parted video that made by infotour. The video deals with tourism stocks and gives information about \”Alinja tower\”, \”Batabat yaylaq\”, \”Duzdag\”, \”The open-air museum.\” Rahim Qadirov who shares his taken photos on facebook, writes that Nakhchivan is an ideal place for tourism. Quiet and clean streets, treatment centers, historical places, the conditions for climbing and mountaineering , different hotels and restaurants… Generally, I liked a lot. Even there are repaired schools in the remote village. The laws are applicable. Probably all the roads are repaired. Also its weather, people are perfect\”.
Translator:Narmin Nakdaliyeva

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