Saturday , 8 May 2021

Rajab Pasha Mosque. City of Irevan

After the Ottoman troops conquered Irevan in 1724, Turkish commander – Rajab Pasha took a number of actions for the development of the city. A new mosque was built in the fortress by his order in 1725 and was named Rajab Pasha in his honour. The mosque was a regular parallelepiped shape and had spheric dome, adorned with Oriental style geometric ornaments. A day after the invasion of Irevan fortress by Russian troops on October 1, 1827, the crescent in the dome of the mosque was taken away and replaced with cross and church bell and converted into Russian Orthodox Church. Subsequently, changes were made in the external view, cylinder pillars were added to its facade, and its roof was covered and changed into Christian shrine.
In 1930s, Rajab Pasha Mosque fell victim to the general plan of the Irevan city.

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