Tuesday , 11 May 2021

Sadarak region


It was established a region on August 28, 1990. It borders on Turkey in the South-West and Armenia in the North-West. The territory is 163.74 km2, population is 15.6 thousand (01.01.2016). The center of it is the Heydarabad settlement. There is 3 villages in the region.
The territory of the region consists of mountains and plain lands. There are the Dahna and the Validagh heights.

The Araz, the Garachay and the Chapan rivers flow in the region. It is mainly an agricultural region. There are 3 secondary schools, 4 out of school and one preschool educational institutions, 5 libraries, 4 club institutions, 1 museum, 1 children’s musical school, a central hospital, 1 out patient’s clinic, 1 doctors assistant midwife station, the center of Hygiene and Epidemiology and other organizations in the region.

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