Sunday , 9 May 2021

Sardar Mosque

The names of “Sardar Mosque” or “Abbas Mirza Mosque”, in the vicinity of Sardar palace within Irevan fortress were mentioned in the works of travelers and researchers at different times. Analyses show that though presented under different names, in fact, the talk is about one and the same mosque which mentioned in recent researches and official documents as Sardar mosque – a unique architectural monument of that time. It means the mosque was given different names at different times.
Some documents related to the period of occupation of the Irevan fortress by the Tsarist Russia make mention of the mosque as Abbas Mirza mosque; apparently because the mosque was rebuilt in honour of Abbas Mirza, the successor to the throne in the early 19th century. However, like the other cultural monuments belonging to Azerbaijanis in Irevan, Abbas Mirza Mosque was also gradually destroyed by Armenian vandals.
After putting an end to the use of Irevan fortress as a military fortification by the Russian troops in 1864, the historical and architectural monuments inside it, including Sardar or Abbas Mirza mosque were subjected to serious destructions. In the early 20th century the Armenian refugees from Turkey were settled in Sardar mosque. In the period of Soviet Armenia Sardar mosque was gradually demolished. Until recently, one wall 2-3 meters high of Sardar mosque remained standing. In 2007, the Armenian government presented the visible part of the mosque ruins in photo to the Council of Europe on the list of “protected historical monuments”. Nevertheless, the Armenian vandals razed to the ground even the “protected” remainder of wall of Sardar mosque in mid-November, 2014.

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