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The saz whose grandfather was ozan, and great grand-father was gopuz, improved on the basis of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 strings.

The key parts of the modern saz consisting of a butt-body-scoop, surface wood, surface-breast wood, arm-wrist, sprout, tuning pegs – ear –spiral peg, bow, butt-stretcher, plunge-belt-lace, head stretch, string hair, veil, foot stretcher, string stretcher, stand –mizrab, shirt-sack, holes opened on the surface of the wood are prepared from an old mulberry tree, but the arm and tuning pegs are prepared from nut tree.

The voice ordering of the modern saz formed on the eight stages is known in the region of Nakhchivan as: the first veil head or divani, the second is mute, the third is jighali tajnis, the fourth is mute, the fifth is king, the sixth is mute, the seventh is keshish oghlu, the eighth is jangi Koroghlu, the ninth is mute, the tenth is the foot king veil.

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