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Along with the education of the young generation in the Autonomous Republic, consistent measures are taken to reveal their talents and skills, as well as the effective organization of leisure time. The construction of new buildings for children’s music schools is also important in this regard.

NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM  reports, on January 14, a new building of Shahriyar Village Children’s Music School was put into operation.

Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov got acquainted with the conditions created in the building.

It was reported that 109 students are studying piano, tar, kamancha, drums and accordion at the Shahriyar Village Children’s Music School, 3 of whom are children with disabilities. 29 teachers are engaged in the education of students. The school has a choir, folk instruments and drum ensembles.

The two-storey school building has a total of 18 rooms, a 40-seat concert hall, a library, an electric room and a wardrobe, with classrooms for teachers, music literature, solfeggio, drums, accordion, kamancha, tar and piano.

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly met with the staff of the music school.

The Minister of Culture of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Natavan Gadimova said that today our culture and its branch, the art of music, is experiencing a period of development in our ancient land. Every year, new cultural institutions, children’s music and art schools are built and put into operation in Nakhchivan, regional centers and villages of the autonomous republic, all conditions are created for inculcating national music in the young generation and exemplary organization of music education. The commissioning of a new building for a music school in Shahriyar village of Sharur district is a continuation of the work done in this area. On behalf of the cultural community of the autonomous republic, Natavan Gadimova thanked the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly for the attention and care.

 A teacher at the Shahriyar Village Children’s Music School Sadagat Mammadova, she thanked and said: “The construction of a modern building for our school has caused joy to the staff.Inspired by the attention and care shown, the teachers will work hard to train young musicians, make better use of the created conditions and perform their duties more responsibly”. Sadagat Mammadova conveyed her congratulations to the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly, noting that the conditions created at the Shahriyar Village Children’s Music School will allow teaching at a high level.

Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov congratulated the staff on the opening of the music school and said: “Today, the Shahriyar Village Children’s Music School is being put into operation after reconstruction.” Music schools are of special importance in the revival of our national music. Today, 24 out of 26 music schools operating in the autonomous republic have been built and put into operation in accordance with modern requirements. Thanks to the measures taken in the Autonomous Republic, education has been organized at a high level, from the first stage of music to higher music education. Music schools, Nakhchivan Music College, Faculty of Arts of Nakhchivan State University form the basis of education in the autonomous republic from the first music education to higher education. As a result, there are already highly educated teachers in music schools.

“The development of educated musicians is the revival of the national music of a country,” he said. Shahriyar Village Children’s Music School, which has been operating since 1989, currently teaches 5 specialties. With the exception of the piano, children are taught the secrets of national musical instruments in other specialties. The school should also include the teaching of musical instruments belonging to the peoples of the world. The created conditions will allow to open new specialties here in the future. The fact that 109 students study at the school and about 20 students are admitted this academic year shows that there is interest in the music school. A team of good musicians has been formed at the school. This will allow the school to increase its achievements and take a worthy place among the music schools of the autonomous republic.

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly thanked the staff for their achievements, expressed confidence that the conditions created will open new opportunities for them, and wished them success in their activities.

The building is equipped with an individual heating system, the surroundings are landscaped.

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