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Sharur city roads reconstructed – PHOTO

Reconstruction of roads not only contributes to the development of the economy in the autonomous republic, but also serves the comfort of the people. As President Ilham Aliyev said during his visit to Nakhchivan, the roads are being built with high quality, some roads have been put into operation for a long time, but the quality is still good.

NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports that, on June 3, Sharur city roads were put into operation after reconstruction.

Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov got acquainted with the work done.

It was reported that 3 water crossings, a 3,300-meter-long canal, 5,000-meter-long underground electricity, 8,834 meters of communication line were installed on the 11.2-kilometer road from the Nakhchivan-Sadarak highway to Sharur, as well as on the city’s Heydar Aliyev Avenue and 6 streets. 2,985 meters of water lines have been laid for greenery, and modern lighting poles have been installed. The old sidewalks and barricades at the entrance to the city and along the internal highways have been replaced with new ones, and 96 sidewalks have been crossed for people with disabilities.

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said that Sharur is one of the most ancient regions of the autonomous republic. The city of Sharur has never developed as much as in the years of independence. All these are the fruits of the National Salvation Day. Without that day, this work would not have been possible. The city’s roads were rebuilt after the water and sewage systems were developed and completed. Of the 11,200-meter road, 3,000 meters are two-lane and 8,200 meters are four-lane. This will make it possible to use these roads for many years without congestion.

“Reconstruction of roads is the basis of landscaping,” he said, thanking those who contributed to the construction of new roads in Sharur district and instructed to increase greenery along the roads.

* * *

On the same day, the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly also inquired about the construction of the Sharur City Bus Station and gave relevant instructions.

Translator : Emin Gulmammadov

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