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Shusha Castle- Photos

Shusha Castle implies the castle walls embracing the Shusha city of Azerbaijan. The Castle defended the city against the foreign invasions, and over a long period of time had been a symbol of impregnability. Though the Castle had been besieged for a long time during Agha Mahammad Shah Gajar’s attack to the South Caucasus, it could not be seized.
There is no accurate information about the foundation of Shusha Castle.
The castle has a strategically favourable location. Thus Shusha Castle is located in the mountainous area. The Shusha plateau is 1600 meters the highest and approx. 1300 meters the lowest above the sea level. This area is covered by deep brooks flowing into the Dashalti and Halfali rivers’ beds.
Taking into account the unfavourable geographical position of Bayat and Shahbulag castles, Panahali Khan, the Khan of Karabagh, enacted a decree on reconstruction of Shusha castle in 1753, and the centre of the Karabagh khanate was transferred to Shusha castle. After reconstruction the castle was for a long time named Panahabad in the sources.
Shusha Castle is one of the most beautiful pieces of the Azerbaijani architecture. The castle is constructed in Arran style of architecture. Mainly the local stone, lime and yolk mixture were used in construction of the castle. The castle has three doors. Ganja door is distinguished by its architectural features. The castle has a circular guard towers. At close quarters of the castle there is a bridge of fine architectural qualities connecting the castle with outside world. The bridge is known as Gala Bridge (“Gala” means castle). In the reign of Panahali Khan, four castle gates were built in order to connect Shusha with the outside world. The names of three gates – Ganja, Aghoghlan and Irevan gates have survived to our time.
It was impossible to find neither name nor the location of the fourth gate. That gate is supposed to be removed during reconstruction of the castle walls by Ibrahimkhalil Khan.

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