Saturday , 15 May 2021



It is said that the tar for the first time was played in Azerbaijan in the period of art and culture promotion in the Middle Ages. The name of this musical instrument is met in the works of Nizami Ganjavi. Fuzuli, in his work “Haft-jam”, rises the third glass under inspired with the songs of the tar. Mirza Sadig Asad oglu, who was born in Shusha in the middle of the XIX century which is surrounded by mountains, after losing his voice brought innovation to the structure of tar for the first time in the East. His innovation in the tar was received as a great contribution in the musical world, in the Transcaucasia, Middle Asia, and even in other countries. Tar, which before had five strings and was played on the knee, for the first time was played on the breast by Sadigjan. The modernized form of tar also played a great role in developing our mughams. Thus, we can say that the tar is not only the instrument to accompany, but also it is a solo performance musical instrument.

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