Thursday , 15 April 2021

Teaching of the Azerbaijani language in China

Teaching of the Azerbaijani language in China reports that,In Beijing Unversity of Languages in which 76 languages are teaching,starting from this term prepare to grow specialist on Azerbaijani Language.
At the event having been held on this occasion, it was noted that,a few years ago the Chairman of People\’s Republic of China  Xi Jinping suggested a project named by \”A belt,a road\” in order to improve the relationships between 2 countries.
Within the frame of that project,various authorities of the country were instructed  to carry out practical work in further  deepining of relations with the countries of Silk Way.
According to the decision of The Ministry of Education of China,the organisation of teaching at the Beijing University of Languages is a step in this direction.
The University\’s vice rector  Venciam Cia  said that the teaching and  training of staff on the Azerbaijni language will contribute to the deepining of relations between two countries.As well as the teaching on the cradle of ancient culture will allow them to get to know more about Azerbaijan.
Note that,this term 22 students of the university chose the Azerbaijani language as  the second language.Acoording  to the plan 2020-2021 academic year,admission to the bachelor\’s degree majoring in Azerbaijani language will be implemented.The relavant matherial and technical base will be created. These textbooks,dictionaries,methodical aids as well as including the teacher,scientific and educational exchange.
Translator: Kanara Muradova

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